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[Object]  A 1578: Antefix

Front face complete except for lower right hand corner. Cover tile broken off of the back. Flame palmette with a rosette in the center, acanthus leaves at base; two curled tendrils on twisted stalks from ... 22 March 1950

[Object]  A 1758: Step Block with Mason's Mark

All surfaces preserved with anathyrosis at both ends. Setting lines on top ca. 0.395m. from front surface. On top a raised surface for 0.32m. from front. Mason's mark on top: Ι Γ Ε. Double T-clamps, dowel ... 11 April 1951

[Object]  A 2500: Cover Tile

Angular cover tile of Corinthian type. Largely complete but broken and mended. Buff clay with yellow slip. To west of Bouleuterion Propylon, on floor below Layer V: context of second half of 4th century ... 16 July 1954

[Object]  A 2600: Water Pipe

Mended from many fragments, few chips missing. Standard archaic water pipe with short tongue and flat-topped flange at upper end, long tongue and open flange at lower end. Carefully cut oval setting hole ... March 1956

[Object]  A 2601: Water Pipe

Dipinti; graffiti on flanges. Archaic. Same series as A 2600 (Τ 3586). For discussion of dipinti and graffiti see notebook p. 6157. Found in position in the archaic pipe line that fed the Southeast Fountain ... March 1956

[Object]  A 2602: Water Pipe

Dipinti; graffiti on flanges. Archaic. Same series as A 2600 (Τ 3586). Cf. picture, notebook p. 5454 (M.C. notes however that she never could see a trace of the upper half of the pipe itself.) For discussion ... March 1956


[Object]  A 2972: Capital: Ionic

Chips had been knocked off by the builders of the Late Roman Fortification Wall but most were recoverable. Empolion cutting on underside 0.06m square. Ornament painted except for palmettes which are carved ... July 1959


[Object]  A 2987: Capital: Doric

Marble cloudy gray in color, with pronounced lamination. Excellent work. In core of Late Roman Fortification at S.W. corner of the Library of Pantainos. Leica, 83-343, 83-345, 83-346, 83-695, 87-472, ... 1959


[Object]  A 3010: Column: Doric

The second, fifth and seventh drums from the top survive, the seventh marked ΗΗΗ, being the bottom drum. The top drum also survives but retains no letter and so cannot be assigned with certainty. One of ... 5th c. B.C.

[Object]  A 3621: Sima Section with Lion's Head Spout

Full height and width preserved, full length undeterminable. The lion lacks most of its lower jaw and the right ear. A painted face of acanthus alternating with palmettes; below, a border of maeander ... 7 July 1967