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[Object]  IL 1420: Iron Suspension Loop

Oxidized but complete. Bolt with suspension loop and short stem. Bronze casting pit. Leica, 87-427, 79-4-8A 2249-4 ... 24 October 1956


[Object]  L 3731: Lamp

Mended from several pieces; complete save for small piece of discus, rim and top, at left. Wreath on rim, with plain panels. On the discus, bust of Athena, left. She wears a crested Corinthian helmet and ... 4 May 1939


[Object]  L 5413: Disc Fragment of Lamp

Most of disk and small part of rim preserved. On disc, chest and head of Hephaistos holding torch and hammer. On rim globule rosettes. Attic clay darkened by fire on both sides. First half of 3rd. century ... 11 January 1963


[Object]  P 15210: Red Figure Oinochoe

The handle missing and nearly all the lip; two small holes in the wall, and one in the floor; the base much chipped. Plump body; low very slightly flaring ring foot. In a panel bordered above and below ... 23 May 1939


[Object]  S 741: Mold for a Bronze Statue

Put together from many pieces; most of the legs, much of the hips, part of the back, and a fragment of the chin and mouth, remain, together with many non-joining fragments. A standing male figure, about ... 11 March 1936


[Object]  S 1860: Mold Fragments

Two fragments of mold for bronze statue selected from large a number; others stored in tray. a) Fragment from mold for large nude figure. b) Fragment from drapery. Cf. B 1600-B 1608, probably from the ... 10 May 1954

[Object]  ST 813: Pumice

Small light stone with many small flattened surfaces and one shallow channel. Casting pit. From box 322. 2287 Leica, 87-427, 79-4-8A PD 2249-4 ... April-May 1956

[Object]  ST 814: Pumice

Light weight stone with one smooth curved surface on which are darkened areas, perhaps from polishing burned surface (casting skin) of bronze. Bronze-casting pit. From box 322. 2287 Leica, 87-427, 79-4-8A ... April-May 1956


[Object]  T 3393: Impression of Metal Work

The impression was taken from a relief worked in repousse on a plaque 0.073m. high and 0.105m. long. Intact, except for minor chips. Toward the left end were rivets (two out of an original three) for fastening ... 12 June 1954