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[Object]  B 1058: Dikast's Ballot

Intact. Solid hub. Inscribed. Obverse : ΨΗΦΟΣ ΔΗΜΟΣΙΑ Reverse : Ε Ενεπίγραφη δικαστική ψήφος. Terrace, first northern extension. Metals Room 90-27 Nov. 24, 2003-April 15, 2004 2773 Leica, color slide, ... 27 November 1953


[Object]  B 1082: Official Measure

Cylindrical. Sides slightly concave. Raised bands at top and bottom. Flat bottom with three broad shallow legs of which one missing. Inscription incised around band at top. See B 1082 BIS. Μέτρο χαλκού, ... Card: ca. 400 B.C.

[Object]  B 1082 BIS: Official Measure

This measure is smaller than the B 1082. The tripod feet appears to have been set upside down inside the first but the corrosion is so far advanced that the two cannot be separated. Bottom and less than ... Card: ca. 400 B.C.

[Object]  B 1147: Mold Fragment

Fragment of a flat-bottomed clay mold for shaft and triangular head of a bronze pin (?) Soft yellow clay. The mold was apparently made in two parts for the top edges seem to be original. Fragment of somewhat ... 9 June 1936

[Object]  B 1153: Mold Fragment

An oval collar mouth with raised lip with pour channel or vent hole. The latter divides; on line of break at bottom at one side a circular channel, at the other a rectangular one. A small Delta on the ... 9 June 1936


[Object]  B 1189: Mold Fragments of Large Bronze Statue

Six fragment sselected from a large number (not catalogued) to show scale of figure, vents, drapery, etc. g) mold funnel h) Air vent i) Air vent j) mold fragmetn with gate. k) mold funnel with "y" gate ... April-May 1956


[Object]  B 1200: Shield Fragment

About one-third of rim remains together with adjacent sheet bronze. Overlap decorated with guilloche. Stone-curbed pit: under archaic poros column capital (A2667, P 732) to north of Altar of Ares. First ... 25 February 1957

[Object]  B 1249: Fragment

Remains of bronze poured into mold channel or duct. "Y" shaped. Catalogued 1960. Strosis 2. 101, 148 Leica, 80-668 ... 2 February 1936


[Object]  B 1284: Statue Foot

Right foot preserved to instep on top, almost to ankle on right side. Made as piece of draped statue. Female foot wearing sandal with thick sole, loop under big toe and under little toe, braided thong ... 30 April 1965


[Object]  B 1383: Drapery Piece

Intact. Preserved is piece of drapery possible for shoulder with many traces of original gilding. Τμήμα πτυχωτού υφάσματος χάλκινου έφιππου αγάλματος. Πιθανότα προέρχεται από τον ώμο του αγάλματος. Agora ... 26 June 1971