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[Object]  B 497: Athenian Weight : "a Sixth"

Thick square bronze block. Tortoise on top in relief. Inscribed on top and sides. Σταθμά εξ ορειχάλκου. Φέρει στην κορυφή ανάγλυφη παράσταση χελώνας. Βάρος: 126 gr. Well, lower fill, earth. Stoa Gallery ... 11 June 1937

[Object]  B 505: Stand for Lamp or Vessel

Complete. In two pieces : a) a profiled stand with debased leaf pattern around base. b) a circular disk with upturned edge to receive pot of lamp. Egg pattern around edge. Cistern A of 1935. Leica ... 1935


[Object]  B 579: Lamp

Complete, though the hinge which holds the cover of the filling-hole is broken. High angular-bodied lamp on raised base. Large round nozzle. Shell-shaped cover over filling hole. Cross projecting above ... 31 May 1938


[Object]  B 728: Dikast's Ballot

Large ballot with long hub; pierced. Considerably corroded when found but cleaned up well; The edges a little chipped and the surface pitted in places. Inscribed on one face, on the other, Η or Ξ, stamped ... 17 June 1939

[Object]  B 831: Oinochoe

Three pieces make up the whole, except for slight gaps in the body. Ovoid body with broad, nearly flat shoulder; flat base, narrow neck with trefoil lip. Angular band handle, lip to shoulder. Convex swelling ... 22 March 1948


[Object]  B 850: Implement

Made of heavy bronze wire (?). One end flattened like the blunt end of a stilus; the other pointed, but bent over and curled round into a spiral. A tool for bronze working ? Casting pit, house H, room ... Card: late 2nd c. B.C.

[Object]  B 1008: Ear from Statue Fragment

The right ear and a little of the cheek in front of the ear are preserved. Carefully modelled. Heavily corroded. On the cheek is a wisp of hair or beard. Surface near middle of Stoa of Attalos. Leica ... August 1952


[Object]  B 1046: Blanks

Eleven pieces cut from a rod. One of these is the remnant of the rod, become to short for further cutting. Eight pieces are "normal", two are scraps. The cutting was done with a chisel anywhere from one ... 16 June 1953


[Object]  B 1055: Dikast's Ballot

Intact. Solid hub. Inscribed. Obverse : ΨΗΦΟΣ ΔΗΜΟΣΙΑ Reverse : Θ Ενεπίγραφη δικαστική ψήφος. Terrace, first northern extension. Metals Room 90-27 Nov. 24, 2003-April 15, 2004 2773 Leica, color slide, ... 27 November 1953


[Object]  B 1056: Dikast's Ballot

Intact. Solid hub. Obverse : plain Reverse : E Δικαστική ψήφος, με ανάγλυφη παράσταση γράμματος "Ε". Terrace, first northern extension. Metals Room 90-27 Nov. 24, 2003-April 15, 2004 2773 Leica, color ... 27 November 1953