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[Object]  B 30: Female Head : Nike

Two thirds life size. Preserved intact save for eyeballs which probably were inset. Hair gathered up from all sides to a stout peg in middle of crown. Terminates in front below throat in a triangular projection ... 27 February 1932


[Object]  B 133: Lower Leg and Hoof of a Horse

Apparently the left hind leg. The position, not vertical, but forming an angle of ca. 0.45 to the supposed ground line, suggests that the horse was rearing. Hollow cast; carefully modelled; the hairs of ... 23 June 1933


[Object]  B 146: Dikast's Ballot

Entire; pierced. Clearing area of S.W. building, disturbed. Leica, Color slide, 80-130 ... 28 February 1934

[Object]  B 168: Buckle

A small buckle with a loop and a solid surface with two loops for attachment behind, and a tongue. Grave 10, by the heart. 80 Leica, XLIII-100, LVII-93, 83-321, 83-641 ... 2 May 1934

[Object]  B 181: Dove

The small bird stands with folded wings on a small round base. Base is broken off below. Green sand drain fill. Hellenistic. Leica, VIII-95 ... 14 May 1934