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[Object]  L 3017: Plastic Lamp: Isis

Figure of a woman, swaddled tightly, like a mummy, with her arms straight down her sides inside the swaddling bands. The feet, each with six toes, stick out below; and the nozzle below the feet. Air hole ... 8 May 1937

[Object]  L 3208: Lamp

Entire. On discus, Christian monogram with "alpha" and "omega" between bars. On rim, herringbone. Handle pierced. On reverse, "K Y" within heart-shaped panel. Unglazed. Pale-buff clay. Type XXVIII of ... 15 July 1937


[Object]  L 3731: Lamp

Mended from several pieces; complete save for small piece of discus, rim and top, at left. Wreath on rim, with plain panels. On the discus, bust of Athena, left. She wears a crested Corinthian helmet and ... 4 May 1939


[Object]  L 4754: Lamp

Rear end broken away. On discus a draped and bearded figure bearing a cross; on rim circles and diamonds; on bottom a cross; Christian symbols. Unglazed. Type XXXI of Corinth collection. Ρωμαϊκός λύχνος, ... 25 July 1950


[Object]  L 5413: Disc Fragment of Lamp

Most of disk and small part of rim preserved. On disc, chest and head of Hephaistos holding torch and hammer. On rim globule rosettes. Attic clay darkened by fire on both sides. First half of 3rd. century ... 11 January 1963


[Object]  P 42: Red Figure Cup: Type B and Inscribed

Repaired from many fragments; both handles, about two-thirds of the rim and a bit of the base missing. Interior: medallion complete except for a bit of the maeander on the left side. Double maeander broken ... 2 July 1931


[Object]  P 473: Red Figure Column Krater Fragment

Fragment depicts Dionysos with kantharos, moving right, looking back. Inside, streaky thin glaze which fails at incurving top of fragments. Relief drawing; no relief contours. Ivy wreath in applied clay-colored ... 5 April 1932


[Object]  P 9275: Black Figure Stand: Inscribed

Mended from many pieces; most of the lip, about half the base and scattered fragments of the figured scenes missing. A cylindrical stand, open at top and bottom, with a rather concave profile and simple ... 1 March 1937


[Object]  P 12132: Plemochoe

A chip missing beside one handle. Flaring foot, wheel-ridged on its top, concave beneath. High stem. Rounded body, with a narrow projecting flange at the point of greatest circumference. Two small horizontal ... 12-14 March 1938


[Object]  P 12138: Plemochoe with Lid

Much of foot, both handles and about half of body broken away. High, hollow foot elaborately moulded, markedly angled shoulder above keel; lip grooved around outer edge, and flanged inside for lid. Keel ... 11-14 March 1938