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[Object]  I 2483: Boundary Stone Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Broken at right side and back. Top seems to slope up toward the back but probably original. Left side probably re-cut. Hymettian marble. Found in modern wall, over the eastern corner ... 5th. century B.C.


[Object]  IL 1361: Iron Nails

Six nails. Wide flat heads, short tangs, bent. Hobnails (?) Έξι σιδηροί ήλοι. Many more nails in containers nos. 172-173, from succesive strosis. Finished House B, strosis 5, found on floor. Dec.1, 2003- ... April 1954


[Object]  P 2084: Klepsydra with Dipinto

Mended from two pieces, one small fragment does not join. Lower part of large pot. Flat bottom, slightly projecting. Immediately above it is a small clay spout corresponding to an opening pierced through ... 29 May 1933


[Object]  P 20858: Medicine Bottles

13 plump jars with flaring flat foot and out-turned lips. Chips missing from most of lips. Thin black glaze, inside and out, in some cases badly flaked. Δεκατρία ιατρικά μελαμβαθή φιαλίδια. Cistern, ... 23 June 1950


[Object]  P 22998: Black Glaze Cup Fragment with Graffiti

Kylix foot, complete except for chips; vertical face slightly concave. Glazed on top surface and on inner part of underside; a glazed line also around lower edge of vertical face. Inscribed both on top ... 10 April 1953


[Object]  P 24110: Red Figure Cup: Inscribed

Mended from four pieces. Lightly stepped foot. Reserved band around medallion. Within, two boxers, boxing with bare hands; the victor is about to strike his opponent who is falling to the ground and holds ... Ca. 500 B.C.


[Object]  P 24376: Black Figure Lekythos

Complete. General type as P 24316 (ΣΑ 2526): This is the characteristic general type for the large proportion of the lekythoi from this group. Bell mouth with variations in height and spread; lip usually ... May-June 1954


[Object]  P 29373: Ostrakon of Alkibiades Kleiniou

Joins P 29374. Broken on all sides. Reused fragment of pan tile. On black surface: ΑΛΚΙΒΙΑΔΗΣ ΚΛΕΙΝΙΟ Coarse beige clay. Crossroads enclosure, layer 10. Protect from abrasion. 1766 Leica, 87-185, 84-7-19 ... 27 March 1972

[Object]  P 29374: Ostrakon of Alkibiades Kleiniou

Joins P 29373. Broken on all sides. The ostrakon complete. Piece of tile. On black surface: ΑΛΚΙΒΙΑΔΗΣ ΚΛΕΙΝΙΟ Coarse beige clay. Crossroads enclosure, layer 10. 1766 Leica, 87-185, 84-7-21 ... 27 March 1972


[Object]  P 30987: Red Figure Kylix

Foot, most of rim, parts of both handles missing. Broad, open kylix. Tondo on floor with a border of elaborate maeander squares broken occasionally by squares with crosses. Within tondo, two figures; a ... 5 July 1977