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[Object]  W 6: Bucket: Banded with Iron

All the staves found, considerable portions of the iron bands. Made of sixteen staves, bound by three horizontal bands, at top, bottom and middle; these connected on either side by a vertical band, for ... 5 April 1937

[Object]  W 13: Bucket

Nineteen staves (two still stuck together) are preserved. They are in fair to good condition. An iron encirled the pail at its middle, numerous traces of it being preserved; and there were probably two ... 5 April 1937


[Object]  W 14: Bucket

Seventeen staves are preserved in poor to good condition. There is no trace of iron attachments. Μικρός ξύλινος κάδος. Αποτελείται από δεκαεπτά μικρές σανίδες. Δεν διακρίνονται ίχνη συνδέσμων από σίδηρο ... 5 April 1937

[Object]  W 27: Pulley Wheel

Circular wheel with a square cutting through the center. Outer face grooved for, and worn by, rope. Well, fill 8. Leica ... 17 July 1946

[Object]  W 29: Fragments of Rope

Four pieces of twisted rope with two or three small bits. Notes on 17 November 1981: Longest piece remaining: P.L. 0.068, Diam. 0.012, fourteen pieces total. Container 16. Well. Leica ... 20 May 1949


[Object]  W 39: Comb

Split in two pieces lengthwise. Some of the teeth broken. A double comb with finer teeth (31) at one end and coarser at the other (20). Thicker at middle than at ends. Long sides slightly concave. The ... June 1955


[Drawing]  PD 1150: Perspective drawing of the south square ...

J. Travlos ... Scanned. DB: 35 (05/03/2001) VI-41 83-211 86-519


[Drawing]  PD 1230: Plan of the Agora showing wells (6th ...

John Travlos Anne Hooton H. Athanassiades ... For IT-BAS publication. Two Heliotypes. 84-166


[Drawing]  PD 1525: Isometric view of the Southwest Fountain ...

W.B. Dinsmoor, Jr ... Scanned. DB: 23 (05/03/2001)