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[Object]  P 18540: Miniature Vessel Fragment: Cooking Ware

Intact. Squat round-bottomed pot with round mouth and one handle from rim. Cooking ware fabric; traces of burning outside. Finished Grave in House N, room 2. 6124 Leica, XXIX-82, 81-162, 91-35-20(21) ... 19 September 1947

[Object]  P 18605: Epinetron

About half preserved with all of one edge and corner and part of the curved end. One string hole preserved at the open end. Micaceous cooking ware fabric, unglazed and undecorated. Published as from ... 14 October 1947

[Object]  P 19317: Black Glaze Lekanis with Lid

Mended from many pieces; fragments of wall, rim, handle and lid (including the disk top of the handle) missing. Restored in plaster. Plain rounded bowl on ring foot, the shape similar to the lekanis P ... 8 April 1948

[Object]  P 19333: Lopas

Fragments of body and rim missing; and about half of the lid. Coarse handmade bowl with round bottom and one vertical handle; rim flanged inside to receive lid. Convex lid with knob handle. Cooking ware ... 26 April 1948

[Object]  P 20558: Hydria

Mended from many pieces, missing fragments restored in plaster. Typical micaceous-ware hydria; straight ring foot; ovoid body, short neck, rim flat on top. Slightly dented in making. Well. Context ca ... 30 July 1947

[Object]  P 20813: Chytra

Mended from many fragments; several pieces missing, restored in plaster. Round bottom; wide mouth; narrow slightly flaring rim; band handle. Brown micaceous clay, blackened from use. Handmade. Many rim ... January-February 1950

[Object]  P 21695: Brazier

Mended from many pieces; part of one side with one vertical lug, part of one handle and of base missing. Typical shallow brazier on flaring stand; broad rim with vertical lugs for spits; handles round ... 11 June 1951

[Object]  P 21877: Black Glaze Kantharos

More than half complete; missing fragments of body, rim and handles. Restored in plaster. Foot in two degrees, the lower disc-like, the upper spreading; the angle at which they meet is an echo of that ... May-June 1951

[Object]  P 21945: Griddle

Missng one handle and fragments of rim and bottom; restored in plaster. Round flat plate with low vertical edges. Plain flat rim, sloping out. Rim rises at two points into rounded lugs that are pierced ... May-June 1951

[Object]  P 21960: Tub Fragment

Several joining fragments from front half, restored in plaster, plus several non-joining fragments. Walls rounded at end, flaring at sides, curving up as they proceed toward the back. Rim flat on top, ... May-June 1951