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[Object]  MC 938: Spindle Whorl

Preserved, decorated with black figured rings and dots. ADDENDA Publication: early 5th c. B.C. (publication) Well A. Late 6th into early 5th c. B.C. 1081 Leica, 81-165 PD 2112-8 ... Publication: early 5th c. B. C.

[Object]  MC 948: Spindle Whorl

Slender concave-conical, with nearly flat bottom. Two incised lines around it half way up, and a reserved line at edge of bottom. Firm velvety glaze. Publication: ca. 500 B.C. Well A. Box 10. Late 6th-early ... Publication: ca. 500 B.C.

[Object]  P 423: Black Glaze Bolsal

Mended from eight pieces; small fragments missing. Peculiar foot: concave member set off sharply from under part of body and terminated by shallow spreading ring. Attic clay. All-over mottled glaze, ... 1 March 1932

[Object]  P 816: Red Figure Mesomphalic Phiale

Mended from four fragments; chips missing from lip and a small piece from one side. Careless ovolo band around lip and boss inside. Outside, save for hollow of boss, and inside boss and band between decorated ... 27 May 1932

[Object]  P 1196: Black Glaze Stemmed Dish

Mended from three pieces (break through bowl and at base of stem). Piece of rim missing. Foot like those of P 1194, P 1195. Glaze thin, dull, reddish, and much worn. Cf. Agora XII, no. 991. Cf. AgPicBk ... June 1932

[Object]  P 1256: Black Glaze Oinochoe

Mended from many fragments; bits missing from lip and sides; restored in plaster. Spreading ring foot, unglazed beneath and on the edge. The neck slightly offset at the shoulder. Glossy black glaze all ... August-September 1932

[Object]  P 1564: Black Glaze Olpe

About half of rim broken away. Glaze much worn on handle and two spots on side. Glaze on underside of vase very thin. Red used for horizontal stripe about body of vase at level of bottom of handle, on ... August-September 1932

[Object]  P 2026: Amis: Banded

Mended from many fragments; small fragments still missing from sides and lower edge of the spout. Above the hood-shaped edge of the spout is a small protuberance at the top of the vase. Beyond this, a ... 16 May 1933

[Object]  P 2073: Oinochoe with Paint Decoration

Complete save for chips from trefoil lip and base. Rather angular profile. Ring base. A reserved band extends from bottom of neck to below point of greatest circumference, which is marked by a band of ... 29 May 1933


[Object]  P 2116: Eschara

Rectangular eschara. Small bits of sides and edges missing; one corner broken of, and a corner of the support gone. Handles missing. The brazier is supported on a rectangular foot, hollow, with a small ... 30 May 1933