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[Object]  P 25757: Lekane

Handles attached to rim. Glaze brown to black. Well beneath Stoa gutter. Context ca. 520-490 B.C. Leica, 81-132, 81-631 PD 1173-13 ... May-June 1954


[Object]  P 25761: Mortar: Corinthian

Collared rim. Pale buff gritty clay; smooth buff slip, much worn inside and out. ADDENDA Agora XII, no. 1899: Corinthian mortar. Finished Well beneath Stoa gutter. Context ca. 520-490 B.C. Leica, 81-146 ... May-June 1954

[Object]  P 25771: Chytra

Flaring rim, flanged for lid. On shoulder wide carefully made open spout, with a small pointed projection to either side. Well beneath Stoa gutter. Context ca. 520-490 B.C. Leica, 81-169, 81-624 PD 1173-32 ... May-June 1954

[Object]  P 25774: Vessel: Cooking Ware

Round-bodied pot with rather more neck than P 25773 (ΣΑ 3211) and broader band handle. No traces of blackening. Cf. Agora XII, no. 1934. Well beneath Stoa gutter. Leica, 81-162, IX-54 ... May-June 1954


[Object]  P 25965: Red Figure Oinochoe Fragment with Graffito: ...

[Originally identified as pelike] Many fragments make up part of shoulder of pelike. Upper part of one side preserved; double row of dots in border to either side of panel; linked dots above. Komos: ... 16 May 1957


[Object]  P 26165: Grill: Cooking Ware

Mended from many fragments. Roughly oblong grill, resting on four legs. Reddish micaceous clay, blackened from use. Τετράγωνη εσχάρα από τερακότα. Αποτελείται από αρκετά συνενούμενα τμήματα. S.E. House, ... 20 March 1958

[Object]  P 26166: Grill

Broken but complete. Circular grill on four legs; small handle. Red micaceous clay; never used? Κυκλική εσχάρα - γαστρόπτης. Σχεδόν ακέραια. S.E. House, room B, on floor. Found with P 16165, closer to ... 20 March 1958


[Object]  ST 146: Grinder

Groove around side; body rounded to fit in hand. Bottom worn smooth. Hard green stone. Cistern; Hellenistic fill. Leica, 81-146 ... 3 June 1936

[Object]  ST 193: Alabastron

Small hole rotted through, and some partial cracks, on weathered half. Where surface well preserved, veining of stone displayed in fine horizontal wavy lines. Under the small lug on either side a sort ... February 1936

[Object]  ST 201: Alabastron

Intact. Made in one piece. Grave 7 (16). Leica, 6-168, 80-348, 81-164, 81-268 ... 21 March 1936