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[Object]  A 957: Well Head

Parts of rim and nearly a quarter of wall missing; restored in plaster. A cylindrical drum, tapering around top. Heavy rim, flat on top and sharply profiled; lower wall thickened to form heavy collar ... 28 May-16 June 1938

[Object]  L 538: Lamp

Body with curving sides merging into very narrow rim, turned down round large central opening. Long nozzle, blunt; fairly flat on top. Horizontal band handle, set at a slight angle to body. Broad low base, ... 425-375 B.C.

[Object]  MC 250: Spindle Whorl

Lower edge chipped all round. Conical-convex with flat bottom. On underside, tongues spring from concentric circles. On the side wall is a net pattern in black and white below, and a tongue pattern above ... Publication: 6th c. B.C.

[Object]  MC 328: Loom Weight

Pyramidal, stamped. Palmette stamped on top. Upper two thirds washed with thin black glaze. Publication: 425-400 B.C. Well. Leica, XXXIX-64 ... Publication: 425-400 B.C.

[Object]  MC 329: Loom Weight

Pyramidal, stamped. A palmette stamp on top. Upper two thirds covered with thin black glaze. Reddish brown clay. Publication: 425-400 B.C. Well. Leica, 81-165 ... Publication: 425-400 B.C.