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[Object]  IL 1032: Lead Seal

Seal attached to pot. Part of a wall and lower half of the vertical handle of a pitcher. Thin slightly gritty fabric; red brown at core, gray brown at surface. A band of lead encircles the handle and the ... 1947


[Object]  IL 1076: Lead Seal

Attached to handle of standard measure. Band of lead wrapped around base of handle of scoop (?) (P 20,512), and stamped on the outside with magistrate 's seal, type of Dionysus of Alcamenes, seated right, ... 11 March-1 April 1937

[Object]  MC 61: Spiral

More than half preserved, mended from several pieces. The object consists of a large circular plaque, on which a vertical flange spirals outward from the center, forming a groove. This groove does not ... 1 March 1933

[Object]  MC 182: Object : Wheel

The outer ridge is broken away. Flat bottomed round disk. On upper side, four concentric circular ridges, rising ca. 0.035 from the floor of the disk. Through the inner ridges doors are cut, forming a ... 23 May 1935

[Object]  MC 311: Object

A hollow funnel-like object closed at one end with a rough, but finished flat base (?). A pot for encaustic ash (?) Reddish clay. Cistern system 3, cistern, west chamber: soft earth, upper fill (?). Found ... 9 June 1936

[Object]  MC 577: Ring

Intact save for minor chips. Sides have slight batter; edges flattened top and bottom. Brownish clay; greenish buff slip. Cistern, middle fill. Container 4. Hellenistic. 365 Leica ... 9 May 1939

[Object]  MC 579: Ring

Cracked, but complete save minor chips. Sharply concave sides top and bottom edges flattened. Buff clay; greenish buff slip. Cistern, lower fill. Container 21. 3rd c. B.C. 365 Leica ... 13 May 1939

[Object]  MC 767: Disk

About two-thirds is preserved. Heavy flat-bottomed object; on its upper face a high ridge forming a spiral starting from the center; the top surface of the ridge flattened and decorated with large punched ... 23 April 1948

[Object]  MC 881: Fragment of Object

Broken all around. Flat bottom. Shallow probably spiral groove on upper surface with higher edged circle at center. Slightly gritty red buff clay. Bottom or a dish (?) Cf. MC 182, MC 767. Sherds from ... 24 March 1938

[Object]  MC 1317: Brazier Fragment

Handle of brazier. Broken at point handle attached to vessel. Flat, lug handle decorated with raised bearded head. Coarse, red clay. Area IV. Area below Byzantine room 4, road fill. Basket 119. 1st c ... 28 July 1981