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[Deposit]  E 14:1: Cistern

Nbp. 2369: Two chamber cisterns, 88/ΛΔ and 100/ΚΘ, united by a long straight passage running almost due N-S. A draw shaft at 95/ΚΘ is set just off the course of the passage to the east and opening into ... Use filling of late 4th-early 3rd c. B.C. Accumulative fillings of late 3rd-early 2nd and late 1st c. B.C. Upper dumped filling of 3rd c. A.D.


[Deposit]  G 14:2: Well

Tiled well, three fills noted: lower fill of earth and stones with a few fragments only of coarse pottery (none inventoried, containers 66-71); middle filling a heavy deposit primarily of table ware, apparently ... 4th-2nd c. B.C. 100-70 B.C.


[Deposit]  J 5:1: Crossroads Well

Located at the bifurcation of the Panathenaic Way and West Road.Byzantine fill (9th-10th century) in upper 5.70m. with a series of Classical to Hellenistic accumulations below. Coins: 10 July 1971 #861 ... 14 June-27 July 1971


[Deposit]  K 9-10:1: Red Fill West of Odeion

"Red Fill" (extending to bedrock or near, over most of area). Mainly first century after Christ with later disturbance. Coins: 17 April 1936 #10-#13 18 April 1936 #1 20 April 1936 #13-#17 21 April 1936 ... 1st-2nd c. A.D.


[Deposit]  N 10:1: Cellar

"Fauvel Collection" ... modern context

[Object]  A 1668: Pan Tile Fragment with Painted Inscription

Broken all around. Fragment from a Laconian pan tile with brown glaze on upper surface. Letters written in cream paint over glaze Cut between north stylobate of Square Building and Valerian Wall Layer ... 29 July 1950

[Object]  A 2011: Roof Tile Fragment: Inscribed

Fragment from cover tile of Laconian type. Buff clay with buff grit; reddish brown glaze wash on upper surface. Inscribed in pale buff clay on upper surface: ΤΟ Π. Cf. A 1668; also A 432, A 433a, b, ... 9 June 1952


[Object]  B 12: Dikast 's Ticket

Thin oblong plaque, inscribed. The left end of the plaque is broken off. At the right end is the partially obliterated outline of a stamped Gorgoneion. On the reverse are traces of a rectangular stamp ... 20 July 1931

[Object]  B 43: Part of Dikast's Ballot

Part of dikast 's ballot with solid central cylinder. Inscribed. Nearly two-thirds of disk broken away. Much encrusted; cleaned Inscribed. Cf. B 54. Well. Middle fill. 4th - 2nd c. B.C. Stored in a ziplock ... 18 April 1932

[Object]  B 54: Dikast's Ballot

Thin disk, with hub-like solid cylindrical axis projecting on both sides. Leica ... 28 April 1932