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[Deposit]  A 14:1: Well

Extract from notebook ΠΘ XIX, pp. 3644-3646. Well at 105/ΝΗ (report on sorting of pottery, July 19, 1951 - H.S. Robinson). "Not a useful well" HSR. Well dug to 1.50m., vi/9/36; dug from 1.50m. to bottom ... Early Roman; use fillings of 2nd. c. B.C. and 1st. and 4th. c. A.D.; dumped filling of late 4th. c. (HSR) Fill I: 2nd. c. B.C. Fill II-V: to second half of 4th. c. A.D. Fill VI: mixed to Byzantine.


[Deposit]  A 14:2: Cistern

Report on sorting of pottery, August 1951, by H.S. Robinson [nb p.3666]. Cistern discovered and dug to 1.60m., vi/10/36; dug to bottom iv/22/37-v/6/37. Diam. At mouth 0.26m.; neck begins to widen out ... 1st. c. B.C. to post-Herulian


[Deposit]  A 18-19:1: Ostrakon Area

Pit in the valley between the Areopagus and the Hill of the Nymphs. Large cutting in bedrock with 540 ostraka, mainly of the late eighties of the 5th. c. B. C. Much pottery, principally of the early 5th ... Ca. 500-450 B.C.


[Deposit]  A 18:1: Cistern

Cistern in the valley between the Areopagus and the Hill of the Nymphs. Coins: 6 May 1947 #6-#7 Dump Subdivisions: .1=Fill 1, Early Roman. .2=Fill 2 .3=Fill 3, 2nd. c. B.C ... 25-30 April 1947

[Deposit]  A 18:9: Sacrificial Pyre

Grave over drain A1 (House A). Date based on the fact that the lopas has the upturned handle and the flat rather than domed lid, not found in examples from the later pyres. LT Originally A 20:2 ... First half of 4th. c. B.c.


[Deposit]  A 20:3: Pyre

(RSY=Pyre 2). Pyre in the industrial area west of the Areopagus, in House B ... Third quarter of the 4th. century.


[Deposit]  A-B 19-20:1: Great Drain South

Great Drain South (ca. 70-113, from SW edge of section as far north as the Roman Bath) Hellenistic Sand Fill. Silted-up filling of the southern branch of the Great Drain, abandoned due to some damage at ... 4th. c.-86 B.C.


[Deposit]  A-B 19-20:2: Great Drain South

Fillings to either side of the Great Drain, in the southern part of the area west of the Areopagus; various levels, late 6th. and early 5th c. B.C. to Sullan destruction. Coins: 26 July 1946 #1-#2 30 July ... Late 6th. c. B.C.-1st. c. A.D.


[Deposit]  B 12:1: Well

Well on south slope of Kolonos Agoraios. Coins: 23 March 1936 #5-#6 31 March 1936 #3 30 April 1936 #1 1 May 1936 #6 2 May 1936 #2 5 May 1936 #8 6 May 1936 #15-#16 14 May 1936 #5-#8 15 May 1936 #1-#3 16 ... 23 March-20 May 1936 5-16 May 1937

[Deposit]  B 12:2: Drawshaft

Cistern system on Kolonos Agoraios; shaft leading to chamber (76/ΝΘ) Coins: 4 June 1936 #1-#4 ... 3rd. c.