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[Object]  B 262: Shield

Inscribed. Found largely complete, but very much bent and chipped. An oval shield with a narrow rim ornamented with a fine multiple guilloche pattern repousse. The central part of the shield was apparently ... 7 February 1936


[Object]  I 8: Base

Inscribed block of marble, with fourth century dedication. Smoothed on the front, sides and top; rough picked on back and underneath; in the top, round hole. Probably a statue base. Hymmetian marble. ... 30 May 1931


[Object]  I 13: Base Fragment

Fragment of statue base with dedication. Moulded base; broken on top, back and partly at bottom; right edge and side preserved; cutting in left side; left side damaged, but inscription fully preserved ... 4th. century B.C.


[Object]  I 14: Base

Inscribed round base with dedication. Mended from two fragments, found on different dates, the smaller one, containing most of the inscription, found first; a chip has been replaced on top of the larger ... 394/3 B.C.


[Object]  I 21: Dedication Fragment

Inscribed large block. Top edge preserved; other sides broken. Badly worn and weathered grayish-brown.. Fine white granular marble. Found at a late Roman fill in front of Bouleuterion Propylon, southeast ... 2nd. century A.D.

[Object]  I 22: Dedication Fragment

Inscribed fragment of stele. Right edge preserved; others broken. Above, bit of drapery; below inscribed. Pentelic marble. Found at a late Roman level in front of Bouleuterion Propylon, southeast of the ... 150 A.D.


[Object]  I 25: Base Fragment

Inscribed fragment of a reused base. This base has been turned upside down and a stele set in the bottom; the original inscription is thus upside down. Dedication to a general; archonship of Demetrios; ... 50/49 B.C.


[Object]  I 28: Dedication Fragment

Inscribed fragment of circular plinth Emerging from the plinth is what appears to be a neck, broken off. Pentelic marble. Found at a late Roman level, in front of the south end of the Metroon. 238 Leica, ... 4th. century B.C. (?).


[Object]  I 48: Marble Fragment

Wedge-shaped fragment inscribed on both faces. Circular bit of upper surface preserved, joining face (b); other edge broken. Pentelic marble. Found in a modern wall, in the north part or northwest of the ... 2 July 1931


[Object]  I 53: Marble Fragment

Inscribed fragment from the right side of a block. Right edge and original thickeness preserved; other edges broken; face roughly dressed; back has been rough picked, but is probably not original. Pentelic ... 6 July 1931