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[Deposit]  E 15:4: Drawshaft

Coins: 27 June 1935 #1 (Hellenistic fill) ... Ca. 200-125 B.C.


[Deposit]  G 12:20: Pits in floor of Tholos

From disturbances in original floor of Tholos with ash and burning. Probably reflects the military and political conditions of 307 B.C ... Ca. 340-295 B.C.

[Object]  I 11: Marble Fragment

Inscribed columnar fragment. Hymettian marble. Found in a wall of a modern house, east of Temple of Hephaistion, below Agoraios Kolonos. 32 Leica ... 5 June 1931


[Object]  I 236: Record Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Confiscated property of Alcibiades. "POLETAI" record. Fragment ΣΤ 604 from upper right corner of inscribed block. Full thickness of block preserved, but large flakes broken from surface ... (ΣΤ 604) 11 May 1932 a) (Κ 1350) 16 July 1947 b) (Κ 22) 22 January 1934 c) (ΘΘ 5) 18 December 1936 c) (ΙΙ 242b) March 1938 d) (ΘΘ 30) 30 December 1936 d) (ΘΘ 44) 17 January 1937 d) )ΙΙ 133) 7-8 March 1938 ...


[Object]  I 238: Mortgage Stone Fragment

Small inscription fragment. Back rough picked; edges broken (?); worn. Pentelic marble. Found in a marble pile, at the north foot of Areopagus. Leica ... 17 May 1932

[Object]  I 273: Mortgage Stone Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Back surface preserved, rough picked; and possibly a bit of the top; other edges broken. Pentelic marble. Pre-excavation. Found in the modern wall of the house 636/19, over the west ... 4th. century B.C.

[Object]  I 293: Mortgage Stone Fragment

Small fragment of an inscription. Back surface, rough picked, preserved; edges broken. Letters carelessly and irregularly cut. Hymettian marble. Pre-excavation. Found in the modern wall of the house 636/29, ... 338/7 B.C.


[Object]  I 298: Boundary Stone

Broken at bottom and left side; preserved surfaces all rough picked, save for a recessed, more finely picked band, on which is the inscription. Perhaps sanctuary of Herakles Alexikakos. Pentelic marble ... Mid. 5th. century B.C.

[Object]  I 370: Boundary Stone Fragment

Inscribed fragment of boundary marker. Traces of burning. Inscribed in two lines, five letters in the first and one in the second. Pentelic marble. Pre-excavation. Found in the modern wall of the house ... 4th. century B.C.


[Object]  I 513: Boundary Stone

Small inscribed boundary stone. Broken at the bottom, and chipped at the top. Sanctuary of Demeter Azesia. Most of five lines of the inscription preserved. Hymettian marble. Found in a modern wall, over ... 4th. century B.C.