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[Deposit]  C 19:3: Bronze Casting Pit

Located in House H, Room 13 ... Late 2nd c. B.C.


[Deposit]  E 6:1: East Chamber

Cistern System #3: East Chamber at 69/Λ, joined by a crooked passage to 69/ΛΣΤ ... 175-125 B.C.


[Deposit]  E 6:2: West Chamber

Cistern System #3: West Chamber at 69/ΛΣΤ, joined by a crooked passage to 69/Λ. Coins: 8 June 1936 #1 10 June 1936 #1-#5 11 June 1936 #1-#3 12 June 1936 #1 ... 175-125 B.C.


[Object]  A 49: Cornice Block: Doric

Cornice block from inside corner. Preserved in all dimensions; two sides with anathyrosis at right angles to each other; on the two sides without anathyrosis the stone is cut away, perhaps for lightening, ... 14 July 1931


[Object]  A 150: Column Drum: Doric

Top surface rough-picked to edge. Bottom surface rough-picked, with a finished bearing surface. Beveled dowel cutting. Arrises, with a given spacing, wider at the bottom. Pentelic marble. Under side, ... 23 March 1933

[Object]  A 233: Water Pipe Section

Coarse, pinkish red to orange clay with some particles of mica. Buff slip outside; inside, and on face of lip, a thick red glaze or paint. 0.15m. from one end is an irregular hole, with a lid, for cleaning ... 23 June 1933


[Object]  A 256: Cornice Block: Ionic

Depth and width preserved. One end, and part of the corona, broken. Cuttings in back for wooden beams, spaced ca. 0.385m. clear dimension. Anathyrosis on one end, which also bears a dowel cutting on the ... 27 January 1934


[Object]  A 304: Roof Tile Fragment: Stamped

Broken all around. Rather coarse yellowish clay. Thick buff slip on top and bottom which is flaking off. Stamped: ΙΕΡΑΝΜΗΤΡΙΘΕΩΝ ΔΙΟΝΥΣΙΟΣΚΑΙΑΜΜΩΝΙΟΣ Metroon series. Cf. Negative number XXXIV-23. Black ... 4 April 1934

[Object]  A 369: Cornice Fragment with Molding

Raking cornice with hawk's beak crowning molding, from the Stoa of Zeus. Profile similar to A 367 (Η' 705). Doric leaf pattern with some of the red color preserved on the leaf. Pentelic marble. Found ... 1933


[Object]  A 861: Eaves Tile Fragment

A Tholos eaves tile, fragmentary but complete save for the tip, which has been restored on the evidence of A 864 (Ζ 1540). A triangular rain tile, its sides equipped with heavy flanges below, with light ... 15 February 1938