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[Deposit]  G 5:3: "Bone Well"

Second century B.C. fill with early 13th c. A.D. fill in mouth. The Byzantine objects from the mouth are P 13713-P 13718, L 3585. Lower fill contained bones of many infants and dogs. Coins: 14 June 1937 ... Mid-2nd c. B.C.


[Object]  A 1250: Finial Fragment

A single fragment preserves the tips of two petals of a palmette, and most of a third. Broken at right; finished surface below. A round smooth dowel hole goes through the fragment lengthwise; traces of ... 3 July 1947

[Object]  A 2706: Cornice Fragment

Four non-joining fragments of horizontal Doric geison, found together with the fragments of lion pediment S 1972 and many other pieces of poros, some probably belonging to one and some to the other, but ... 31 July 1956


[Object]  A 2990: Cornice Block: Doric

Hawk's beak for bed and crown moldings; plain soffit. Cutting for double T-clamp at one end of top; and for two dowels in back (repair?). Overhang 0.42m. Island marble. Same as A 2991. Cf. A 2751: with ... 1959

[Object]  A 2991: Cornice Fragment: Doric

From the extreme lower end of a raking cornice, the pedimental slope being ca 0.155m. at 0.58m. length. The width of the corona and the crowning hawk's beak remain. At the lower tip a cutting for a dowel ... 1959

[Object]  A 2992: Sima

Full width of one section preserved with the spring of a tubular spout. Outer face plain and straight; angle between bed and face 88 degrees. Cuttings for dowel 0.14m. back from face. Bed finished with ... 1959

[Object]  A 2993: Raking Sima Fragment with Mason's Mark

Left end with joint preserved. Shallow cavetto. Mason's mark (?) on top: Η. Island marble. Fragments of several others left in marble pile in front of Library. Probably to be associated with A 2992 (horizontal) ... 1959


[Object]  I 108: Dedication Fragment

Inscribed fragment of Herm. Part of front and apparently a little of right surface preserved, though this latter carelessly worked. Near the right edge two wavy tresses. Below, left, inscribed. Honorary ... 1931


[Object]  I 950: Honorary Dedication

Inscribed Herm. Only the right shoulder and chest remain. The original thickness is preserved. The sides are carefully dressed, with trace of mortise for arms. The end of a lock of hair remains on the ... 210 A.D.


[Object]  I 1393: Herm Fragment: Prytany List

Fragment from an inscribed Herm. Broken at top, right side, back and bottom. Part of the chest, and a strand of hair left preserved. Part of eleven lines of the inscription preserved. Pentelic marble ... Ca. 166/7 A.D.