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[Object]  I 15: Honorary Decree Fragment

Inscribed fragment of stele. Top, bottom and right side broken, left edge and side preserved; slight taper toward top. Honorary decree voting a golden crown to the Taxiarches who served under the archonship ... 277/6 B.C.

[Object]  I 22: Dedication Fragment

Inscribed fragment of stele. Right edge preserved; others broken. Above, bit of drapery; below inscribed. Pentelic marble. Found at a late Roman level in front of Bouleuterion Propylon, southeast of the ... 150 A.D.


[Object]  I 78: Prytany Decree Fragments

Two fragments from the upper part of a stele with pedimental top. Both corners, with finials, are preserved, the right hand piece mended from six fragments; the left hand, from two. The central part of ... 125/4 B.C.


[Object]  I 96: Decree Fragment

Upper part of inscribed stele with crowning moulding. Full width of block preserved, but inscription damaged at right edge. Vote granting a golden crown to Taxiarches who served under the archonship of ... First half of 3rd. century B.C.

[Object]  I 109: Grave Monument Fragment

Inscribed fragment of small grave monument. Only inscribed surface preserved. Pentelic (?) marble. Catalogued 1932. Found in wall of the modern house 631/17, east of the Metroon. 16 Leica ... 1931


[Object]  I 118: Dedication Fragment

Small fragment of inscription. Only front surface preserved. Dedication to Tribellius Rufus. Hymettian marble. ADDENDA Joined with I 849, I 786, I 1827. Found in late context, at the southeast of the ... late 1st. century A.D.

[Object]  I 147: Dedication Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Back and both sides broken, under surface worked, though unevenly; apparently the projecting crowning moulding of a stele. Fragment from monument which apparently represents in miniature ... (Ε 83) 9 February 1932 (Ε 444) 6 April 1935

[Object]  I 220: Honorary Decree Fragments

Fragments of an inscribed stele. Two joining fragments show letters; thickness of stone preserved; back rough picked. Left side shows toothed chisel, with drafted edge; right side possibly cut subsequent ... Early 3rd. century B.C.


[Object]  I 236: Record Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Confiscated property of Alcibiades. "POLETAI" record. Fragment ΣΤ 604 from upper right corner of inscribed block. Full thickness of block preserved, but large flakes broken from surface ... (ΣΤ 604) 11 May 1932 a) (Κ 1350) 16 July 1947 b) (Κ 22) 22 January 1934 c) (ΘΘ 5) 18 December 1936 c) (ΙΙ 242b) March 1938 d) (ΘΘ 30) 30 December 1936 d) (ΘΘ 44) 17 January 1937 d) )ΙΙ 133) 7-8 March 1938 ...

[Object]  I 237: Block Fragment

Fragment from upper left corner of inscribed block. Back, top and side rough picked; triangular cutting in front surface to left of top line of letters. Pentelic marble. Found in a modern wall, at the ... 129-138 A.D.