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P 31805: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Fragment of rim and upper wall. Globular drips on wall below rim. Slightly flaring rim with ridge, plain band and two ridges. Glaze fired red on outside; red to dark brown on inside. Catalogued 1 September ... 16 April 1952

P 31806: Vessel Fragment

Fragment of rim, neck and shoulder of a closed shape. Narrow neck, with sloping shoulder and rim flaring outwards, flat on top and sloping inward. Neck inserted separately. Dark gray fabric (Munsell, ... 1 July 1949

P 31807: Black Glaze Bowl Fragment

About one-fifth remains, preserving complete profile. Ring foot, conical underneath. Slightly angular wall with convex lower half, concave upper. Out-turned rim. Metallic brown to black glaze inside ... 15 July 1950

P 31809: Black Glaze Bowl

About one-half, preserving nearly complete profile. Ring foot with flat resting surface. Angular wall. Out-turned rim. Metallic black glaze, peeled in places. Catalogued 1 September 1988. Brick building, ... June 1952

P 31810: Black Glaze Plate Fragment

Fragment of rim and upper wall. Slightly concave upper wall, with groove under glaze below rim on outside. Rolled rim, undercut on inside. Black glaze. Catalogued 1 September 1988. Brick building, martyra ... 14 July 1950

P 31811: Black Glaze Bowl

About one-sixth preserved; missing center of floor. Thick ring foot. Plain rim, rounded on top, inturned. High qualty glaze, brown to black on exterior, black in interior. Catalogued 1 September 1988 ... 19 March 1954

P 31812: Black Glaze Salt Cellar Fragment

About one-sixth preserved, missing center of floor. Flat underside, totally glazed. High quality shiny black glaze. Catalogued 1 September 1988. First north extension of Stoa Terrace. Area of "ballot ... 12 April 1954

P 31813: Bowl Fragment with Rouletting: Stamped

About one-half of foot and floor, small part of rim preserved. Ring foot with slight groove in resting surface. Incurved rim. Linked palmettes within rouletting on floor. Mottled brown to black glaze ... 2-3 August 1949