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A 2096: Column Drum Fragment: Doric

Small fragment from face of drum preserving parts of three flutings; broken on all other sides. The arris brought to an edge as sharp as the material permitted. Surface finished with toothed chisel. Surface ... 12 August 1952

A 2185: Triglyph Fragment

Fragment of outer glyph, broken above, below and at left, and behind. Parts of three faces preserved with traces of blue paint. Very much worn. From Square Peristyle. Poros. Exact provenience unknown, ... January 1953

A 2210: Cornice Fragment

Small fragment preserving part of face of cornice and three guttae; broken at sides; top and back. Hard white poros; bright blue paint on underside of mutule. From Square Peristyle. Same as A 1926, A 1946, ... 20 February 1953

A 2239: Triglyph Fragment

Small fragment preserves part of original bottom, of one fascia and half of channel at each side. From Square Peristyle. Hard gray poros. Cf. A 2209 (Τ 1808), triglyph of same material and workmanship ... 31 March 1953

A 2320: Cornice Fragment

Fragment of mutule and two guttae. Original top. Broken at front, back, and right end. Joint surface at left. Half of mutule on next block. Via partly preserved at right. Light buff poros with holes in ... 12 May 1953


A 2330: Cornice Fragment

Greatest part of one mutule preserved with right and back edge and lower part of the molding above; eight guttae preserved; some completely, some partly, and traces of four more. Heavy Roman cement preserved ... May 1953

A 2346: Frieze Block Fragment

Broken all around. Part of one glyph and full width of projecting fascia with edge of slot for metope. Hard poros with many holes. From Square Peristyle. Same series as A 1925 (Τ 1092), A 2239 (Τ 2026) ... 28 May 1953


A 2405: Column Fragment: Ionic

Broken above, below and on one side. Sixteen flutes. One arris damaged in antiquity; neat bedding for repair. Marble. Built into rubble wall of late phase of Predecessor of Square Building. 931, 933, 2949, ... 2 December 1953


A 2406: Block

Square, complete except for two chips. Smooth picked on all sides. Pentelic marble. Finished Column base at south end of rubble wall of late phase of Predecessor of Square Building. 3616, 3617 Leica PD ... 2 December 1953

A 2413: Water Pipe Sections

a) Intact except for inset flange, which is in fragment b) cemented to it. b) Joins a). Has inset flange of a), inside. Much white cement visible at joints. Cf. A 2411 (Σ 2837) and A 1686 (Σ 1403). Early ... 11 December 1953