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P 21372: Black Glaze Bowl: Type D

Intact save chips. Shallow open bowl with rounded rim; high ring foot, the resting surface broad and slightly sloping. Metallic black glaze over all; pinkish-buff clay, not well washed. Pocket over line ... 1 June 1951

P 21524: Red Figure Lekythos Fragments

Fragment mended from two pieces gives nearly half of lower part with part of foot and bottom and complete height of walls to base of neck. Front part of a woman hurrying with outstretched arms towards ... 6 June 1951


P 21525: Red Figure Oinochoe Fragment

Upper part of child bending forward and holding out a tray with a bunch of grapes toward which a hand belonging to a missing figure at the right, is outstretched. Traces of a wreath once white, held by ... 6 June 1951


P 21526: Red Figure Bell Krater Fragment

From wall of a small bell krater. A maenad right, holding a kantharos in her hands. She attends a seated figure of which the right knee and part of short chiton is preserved, probably Dionysos. Short ... 9 June 1951


P 21534: Red Figure Amphora Fragment

From upper wall of an amphora. Head of a youth, wreathed, to right, holding two spears. Above egg. Relief contour; hair rendered in thick glaze; two berries of wreath at forehead in faded white. N.E. of ... 6 June 1951


P 21535: Red Figure Bell Krater Fragments

a) Upper wall fragment with start of the rim; head and shoulders of draped youth to left. b) Legs, from thigh to about ankle, of a youth to left; he wears chlamys and banded stockings. Behind him a woman, ... 6 June 1951


P 21536: Red Figure Lekythos Fragments

Two sets of joining fragments give part of wall and shoulder, with the lower handle attachment. A slight offset at the top of the shoulder. No relief contour. a) Back part of Nike, flying right. N.E. of ... 6 June 1951

P 21538: Black Glaze Stemless Cup Fragments with ...

Mended from several pieces; one rim fragment does not join, much of walls, floor and both handles missing. Rim slightly offset inside. High ring foot with moulded ridge near base of wall outside. Black ... 6 June 1951

P 21539: Black Glaze Stemless Cup Fragments with ...

Six pieces, mending to two, preserve part of the rim and floor, to the start of the foot, and parts of both handles. Rim slightly offset inside. On the floor, band of incised tongues. Firm black glaze; ... 6 June 1951

P 21540: Black Glaze Stemless Cup Fragments with ...

Five fragments, mended from several, preserve parts of rim and walls, with both handles. Rim slightly offset inside; handles squared off. Band of incised tongues on floor. Good black glaze, worn on the ... 6 June 1951