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A 172: Cornice Fragment with Mason's Mark: Doric

One end preserved, with anathyrosis. Surface of corona roughened apparently to receive color, for slight trace of red is visible. Full height preserved; the mason's mark Ε (other letters broken away) incised ... 5 April 1933


A 1476: Molding Fragment: Painted

Top surface and perhaps surface of left edge preserved. Hawk's beak molding with traces of blue and red decoration painted directly on the stone. From Square Peristyle geison, cf. A 2414. Poros. Square ... 9 July 1949


A 1608: Cornice Fragment

Broken to left and right. Part of via and mutule with hawk's beak molding preserved. No mason's marks. No traces of color. From Square Peristyle. Poros. From wall, S.W. corner of Byzantine Room E 1. Leica ... 24 April 1950


A 1609: Cornice Fragment: Doric

Composed of five fragments, broken while removing from wall, block mended 1966. Bottom, back and left face preserved. Probably part of top preserved, although badly worn and cut away by later use as water ... 24 April 1950


A 1633: Column Fragment

Upper end with square dowel hole preserved. Broken below. Surface stippled to take stucco. Unfluted. To be assigned to predecessor of Square Building. Cf. A 1634 (ΣΑ 1055). Poros. East of Stoa, Room 17, ... 12 May 1950

A 1634: Column Fragment

Part of upper (?) surface with square dowel at center. Broken below. About half circumference preserved. Unfluted. Surface stippled to take stucco. To be assigned to predecessor of Square Building (?) ... 29 July 1949


A 1645: Wall Crown with Molding: Painted

One end broken away; edges chipped. Anathyrosis on preserved end. Overhanging cornice on both sides; transition to resting surface on one side plain vertical, on the other cavetto and vertical. Considerable ... 25 May 1950

A 1664: Anta Capital Fragment: Doric

One front corner remains with complete profile of hawk's beak. Travertine-like limestone presumably to be stuccoed. From Square Peristyle, South Stoa II. From a marble pile to east of south end of Stoa ... 28 June 1950

A 1668: Pan Tile Fragment with Painted Inscription

Broken all around. Fragment from a Laconian pan tile with brown glaze on upper surface. Letters written in cream paint over glaze Cut between north stylobate of Square Building and Valerian Wall Layer ... 29 July 1950

A 1686: Water Pipe Fragments

Three fragments, not from the same piece of pipe. a) Mended from several pieces preserving a considerable part of one section; inset flange on the preserved end. b) Fragment from another similar, also ... July 1950


A 1824: Regula Fragment with Guttae

Two guttae, and part of regula and taenia preserved. From Square Peristyle, South Stoa II. Poros. Cf. A 2925. Disturbed fill. Leica, 93-56-16 (15) PD 1552 ... May 1951

A 1887: Mosaic Pavement Fragment

Broken all around, but full thickness apparently preserved. A bedding of rough stones about the size of a man's fist, over which a thick layer of cement has been poured. In this cement flat stones from ... May 1951

A 1936: Cornice Fragment with Mason's Mark

Top, left side, mutule and via, and front surface preserved, but front surface broken at corner, and at top and bottom. From a horizontal cornice. A large letter, Κ, on slightly rough top surface. Traces ... 14 February 1952


A 1946: Cornice Fragment

Broken at top, back and sides. Part of mutule, one gutta, and lower part of front fascia preserved. Hard gray limestone with many holes in it. Surface very fresh. From Square Peristyle. Same series as ... 10 March 1952

A 1963: Cornice Fragment: Painted

Broken at sides, front and back. Red on plain soffit, blue on mutule. One gutta preserved. From raking cornice (?) of Square Peristyle. See A 1926 (Τ1097) and A 1946 (Τ 1217); series of A 137 and A 172; ... 9 April 1952


A 1973: Triglyph Fragment

Some of the upper part of a triglyph and a bit of the adjacent metope. Hard buff travertine. From same building, Square Peristyle, South Stoa, as cornice A 1926 etc., A 1824 etc., A 2924, A 2931 and ... 28 April 1952


A 1974: Monument Base: Ionic

A small fragment of the torus missing; minor chips; otherwise intact. The base consists of a lower member, on which rests a torus, cut from the same block. The middle section of the torus is worked horizontally ... 11 August 1949


A 2006: Capital Fragment: Doric

Part of resting surface, of three flutes and of annuli remain. Probably to be associated with the many cornice fragments and one triglyph of similar stone and workmanship. Retains traces of late Roman ... 5th c. B.C. (?).

A 2011: Roof Tile Fragment: Inscribed

Fragment from cover tile of Laconian type. Buff clay with buff grit; reddish brown glaze wash on upper surface. Inscribed in pale buff clay on upper surface: ΤΟ Π. Cf. A 1668; also A 432, A 433a, b, ... 9 June 1952


A 2013: String Course Block

Apparently from a string course above orthostates. Dressed smooth for joint with stone on under side; rough-picked on top, perhaps to carry brick. One face is smooth-dressed, the other lightly stippled ... June 1952

A 2096: Column Drum Fragment: Doric

Small fragment from face of drum preserving parts of three flutings; broken on all other sides. The arris brought to an edge as sharp as the material permitted. Surface finished with toothed chisel. Surface ... 12 August 1952

A 2185: Triglyph Fragment

Fragment of outer glyph, broken above, below and at left, and behind. Parts of three faces preserved with traces of blue paint. Very much worn. From Square Peristyle. Poros. Exact provenience unknown, ... January 1953

A 2210: Cornice Fragment

Small fragment preserving part of face of cornice and three guttae; broken at sides; top and back. Hard white poros; bright blue paint on underside of mutule. From Square Peristyle. Same as A 1926, A 1946, ... 20 February 1953

A 2239: Triglyph Fragment

Small fragment preserves part of original bottom, of one fascia and half of channel at each side. From Square Peristyle. Hard gray poros. Cf. A 2209 (Τ 1808), triglyph of same material and workmanship ... 31 March 1953

A 2320: Cornice Fragment

Fragment of mutule and two guttae. Original top. Broken at front, back, and right end. Joint surface at left. Half of mutule on next block. Via partly preserved at right. Light buff poros with holes in ... 12 May 1953


A 2330: Cornice Fragment

Greatest part of one mutule preserved with right and back edge and lower part of the molding above; eight guttae preserved; some completely, some partly, and traces of four more. Heavy Roman cement preserved ... May 1953

A 2346: Frieze Block Fragment

Broken all around. Part of one glyph and full width of projecting fascia with edge of slot for metope. Hard poros with many holes. From Square Peristyle. Same series as A 1925 (Τ 1092), A 2239 (Τ 2026) ... 28 May 1953


A 2405: Column Fragment: Ionic

Broken above, below and on one side. Sixteen flutes. One arris damaged in antiquity; neat bedding for repair. Marble. Built into rubble wall of late phase of Predecessor of Square Building. 931, 933, 2949, ... 2 December 1953


A 2406: Block

Square, complete except for two chips. Smooth picked on all sides. Pentelic marble. Finished Column base at south end of rubble wall of late phase of Predecessor of Square Building. 3616, 3617 Leica PD ... 2 December 1953

A 2413: Water Pipe Sections

a) Intact except for inset flange, which is in fragment b) cemented to it. b) Joins a). Has inset flange of a), inside. Much white cement visible at joints. Cf. A 2411 (Σ 2837) and A 1686 (Σ 1403). Early ... 11 December 1953

A 2414: Molding Fragment

Fragment of hawk's beak only cut from hard gray poros. Blue and red pigment is fresh. From Square Peristyle, cf. A 1476. Area of Stoa Pier 22, Stoa fill. 3674 Leica PD 1549 ... 26 February 1954


A 2420: Triglyph Fragment

From an inner angle. Full height preserved, though badly broken almost all around. Of the triglyphs only the vertical member between the two is preserved. Kara stone. Cf. A 3386 and A 3387, complete blocks ... April 1954

A 2422: Cornice Fragment

Fragment preserves small part of mutule, including one edge and one gutta. The soffit of the mutule painted blue, the gutta reserved. Hard gray poros. From Square Peristyle. Stoa Pier 21, Stoa filling ... 9 March 1954

A 2424: Water Pipe

At one end, part of the next pipe remains attached. The two fastened with white plaster. Cf. A 1686 (ΣΑ 1403), A 2411 (ΣΑ 2837) and A 2413 ( ΣΑ 2889). One of the intake pipes leading into the cistern ... 1 April 1954


A 2431: Water Pipe

Part of one pipe and the start of the next one. The two fastened together with lead. The original intake pipe leading into the west end of the passage of the cistern; Stoa Terrace opposite Piers 11-12 ... 6 April 1954


A 2452: Wall Plaster

Scores of fragments were found. Some of the pieces have been made up into two panels. The rest are stored in a tray. The plaster is of three colors, red, black and a stippled white. Enough is preserved ... 11 December 1953


A 2725: Column Drums

Two drums, a) lower drum, b) upper drum, found lying side by side and, since their dimensions are congruous, probably from the same column. Lower 0.20m. of lower drum left unfinished. Lead for centering ... 16 December 1953

A 2735: Cornice Fragment with Mason's Mark

The fragment preserves half the mutule, with joint surface at edge. Also full width of via. On top mason's mark: Ι. From Square Peristyle. Poros. No. 1 Poikile Street. Leica PD 1554 ... November 1958

A 2896: Cornice Fragment: Doric

Fragment from front top. Cutting for a patch at right end. Fine work. Material and workmanship as of A 2915, i.e. Square Building - South Stoa II series. Hard creamy poros. From demolition of tower of ... 21 July 1959


A 2918: Cornice Fragment: Doric

Preserves small part of mutule with two guttae. Of soft poros and of inferior workmanship; presumably a repair or replacement to the series of A 2915. From Square Peristyle. Found in front of east half ... July 1959