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[Object]  P 22239: Saucer

Mended from several fragments; about three-quarters preserved. Ring foot; rim slopes downwards slightly; two grooves on its top. Dull streaky glaze on floor only. Pier 10 east. Fill in trench for outer ... 24 April 1952


[Object]  P 22327: Red Figure Askos Fragment

Mended from several pieces; handle and side with spout missing. Shallow type askos with broad only slightly raised base. Reserved band at shoulder; on the top, to either side, a fawn, running right. Underside ... 7 May 1952

[Object]  P 22475: Black Glaze Bowl Fragment: Stamped

Three joining fragments give half of foot and floor and part of rim. Open bowl with rolled rim; ring foot, not grooved beneath. On floor, three concentric bands of ovules separated by grooves. Black glaze ... 7 May 1952

[Object]  P 22487: Black Glaze Bowl

Mended from two pieces; fragment missing from lip. Underside slightly concave; slightly convex wall. Groove sets off a thin rim; two incised lines a little below. Metallic glaze inside and out, with brown ... 20 June 1952

[Object]  P 22488: Lid Fragment

Small segment only remains. Very slightly convex with rim thickened and turned under on underside and pierced knob at middle. Gritty orange clay, gray on surface. ADDENDA North African shape -but fabric ... 20 June 1952

[Object]  P 22491: Jug Fragment: Stamped and Blister Ware

Mended from six fragments. Part of shoulder and upper wall only remains. Stamped on shoulder: a garland of ivy leaves bounded above by a row of curved lines, below by a row of circles. Thin light brown ... June 1952

[Object]  P 23257: Amphora Fragment

Mended from two pieces. Lower part of neck with the start of the shoulder only preserved; from a large closed pot. Decoration in bands: white band bordered by purple bands at the base of neck, then three ... 8 August 1949

[Object]  P 23537: Black Glaze One-Handler Fragment

Fragmentary but rim preserved at one point with trace of handle. Low bowl with high base ring and slightly everted lip. Resting surface grooved. Glaze mottled red to black and worn. Reserved band at junction ... 16 July 1953

[Object]  P 23538: Black Glaze Fish Plate with Graffito

Mended from many pieces; much of rim and some of floor missing. Restored in plaster. Ring foot, heavily grooved beneath. A light groove also around inner and outer edges of floor. Glazed all over, except ... 16 July 1953


[Object]  P 23549: Red Figure Pyxis Lid with Graffito

For a pyxis of type D. On top a wheel. On underside, incised before glazing (Π): No relief contour. North end of Stoa Terrace, from bottom of pit below the floor of a house between the foundation for ... 18 August 1953