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[Deposit]  F 19:3: Well

Unfinished well, all one fill. Coins: 2 May 1939 #1-#3 ... Early 1st c. B.C.

[Deposit]  O 7:10: Pit

Small Pit or Well at 25/ΚΑ ... ca. 450-425 B.C.


[Deposit]  O 8:1: Filling

Filling around rubble wall (35/ΚΕ) ... ca. 425-400 B.C.


[Deposit]  P 7:8: Pit

Deposit associated with early walls West of the Stoa of Attalos ... ca. 5th c. B.C. (?)


[Deposit]  P 8:2: Trench

Narrow trench in bedrock NE of Circular Building ... Ca. 450-425 B.C. and shortly after