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G 16: Fragmentary Beaker

In many fragments; the tall slightly flaring neck, surrounded by a plastic ring, is preserved intact. Below it was a small body, concave beneath. Thin glass, slightly greenish. Pit. Late Byzantine fill ... 3 June 1933

IL 1371: Iron Canon Ball

Intact. Church of Holy Apostles, tomb 4, under fallen orthostate. 499 Leica ... 4 November 1954

P 24718: Jug with Sgraffito Decoration

Mouth and handle missing. Oval body, flat raised base. White slip overall except base; covered in front with brown and green glaze over sgraffito pattern of conventional designs. Buff clay. Vaulted tomb ... January 1955

P 24719: Jug with Sgraffito Decoration

Neck and handle missing. Round body, flat raised base. White slip covered with colorless, green and brown glaze over spiral sgraffito ornament. Pinkish-buff clay. Vaulted tomb in north aisle of Church ... January 1955

P 24720: Jug

Complete except for top of mouth. Oval body, flat raised base, trefoil mouth; flattish handle with a ridge running down the middle. White slip overall except base partly covered with muddy yellow-brown ... January 1955


S 511: Sarcophagus Fragments

a) The larger fragment, mended from three pieces, preserves the back, the upper edge, cut back at the front, and the panel below to within ca. 0.065m. of the bottom. Broken at the sides. b) The smaller ... Byzantine

T 3334: Pellet with Seal Impression

Pellet of fine buff clay stamped on both sides. Obverse: bearded male head to left, female head to right, lion's head above, eangle below. Reverse: kantharos. Black glaze on reverse only. Very fine work ... 11 September 1953