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[Object]  A 2492: Iconostasis Lintel Fragments

a) Elaborate braid design carved on a face that forms an obtuse angle with the soffit. Additional fragments found October 1954, and numbered ΗΑ 60. Carved on one side with an elongated palmette pattern; ... Byzantine


[Object]  A 2509: Lintel

A lintel for a single-leafed door, 0.80m. wide. The overhang has two rectilinear and two concave moldings. Triangular cuttings at each end for inserting tenons of door jambs. The cutting for the door is ... July 1954

[Object]  A 2523: Brick with Cufic Drawing

An architect's or mason's drawing, on black on half a brick, of a Cufic design, evidently for use in the masonry of the church. In wall of the Church of the Holy Apostles. Leica, LXX-100 ... 31 December 1954


[Object]  A 2561: Column Fragment

The capital and part of the shaft of an octagonal column of an iconostasis. The square capital decorated on each side (parts of three sides preserved) with a rosette in a lyre-shaped frame. Byzantine ... Byzantine

[Object]  A 2562: Capital Fragment

Part of only one decorated face preserved, with a rosette in a looped circle. The adjacent face is plain and has a hole for attachment. From a column similar to A 2561 (ΗΑ 106). Byzantine. Pentelic marble ... Byzantine