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[Object]  I 7129: Grave Monument Fragment

Inscribed fragment of columnar grave monument. Broken unevenly at bottom. Roughly picked on back. Seven lines of incomplete inscription preserved. Hymettian marble. Brought in from marble pile placed north ... May 1970

[Object]  I 7130: Grave Monument

Inscribed funerary stele. Complete. Stele tapers inwards from bottom to top. Lowest 0.08m. roughly worked, rest of surface finished. Crowned by cyma reversa and pediment with acroteria. Three lines of ... May 1970

[Object]  I 7187: Grave Monument Fragment

Inscribed fragment of columnar grave monument. Broken above, below, and at back. Hymettian marble. Found in marble pile of undetermined area. Leica ... 6 November 1970


[Object]  S 342: Grave Relief of Man and Child

Broken at top and bottom, rough-picked on sides and back and on lower, bearing surface. The relief is set back in a frame which is projecting more below. It shows a man at the right, with an himation ... 21 April 1933


[Object]  S 499: Grave Relief: Inscribed

A small grave stele with two figures facing each other in low relief. To left, a youth in a himation extends his right hand to a woman, in his left he holds a round object. The woman who faces the youth ... 1 November 1934


[Object]  S 506: Grave Lekythos Fragment: Inscribed

Fragment of shoulder and upper body of a funeral lekythos, with relief. A draped bearded man, his left hand to his chin, faces right, and holds with his right hand the hand of a draped woman, seated facing ... 27 December 1934


[Object]  S 513: Grave Monument Fragment

Part of the upper left corner of the monument is preserved, with a bit of the pedimental top. Surface of band below pediment damaged; inscription obliterated, too faint to measure. In deep recess below, ... 5 February 1935


[Image]  2008.01.0131

Grave monument fragment ... Horizontal (normal)