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[Object]  P 17906: Amphora

Body fragments, most of the rim, and one handle missing. Plain rim; small flattened bottom. Band handles, shoulder to rim. Coarse purplish-gray clay with large black and white grits; unglazed. No. 4 ... 5 June 1947

[Object]  P 17907: One-Handled Goblet

High, almost conical foot plain rim and one band handle. Warm brownish clay with grits; reddish slip or glaze much peeled. Handmade? No. 5. Mycenaean tomb. 4908 Leica, XXVII-75 ... 5 June 1947

[Object]  P 17908: Amphora

Complete except for minor chips from mouth and neck. Convex bottom and rounded body; plain flaring rim and round mouth; two vertical band handles, shoulder to rim. Buff clay, rather coarse and slightly ... 5 June 1947

[Object]  P 17909: Cup or Goblet Fragments

Three non-joining fragments of a goblet(?) with out-turned rim; nothing of the base preserved. Vertical handle, set below rim. Thin fabric of buff clay; badly peeled red glaze inside and out. No. 7 ... 5 June 1947

[Object]  P 17910: Cup or Goblet Fragments

Two non-joining fragments, one from the upper body and rim, the other (much mended) from lower body. Outward turned rim. Buff clay with grits; unglazed. No. 8. Mycenaean tomb. 4911 Leica ... 5 June 1947


[Object]  P 19211: Cup

One handled cup, complete. Low base; nearly vertical upper wall; plain rim. Single small vertical handle, from rim. Buff clay, covered all over with whitish slip. Decoration in dull red glaze: bands ... 16 April 1948

[Object]  P 20163: Alabastron Fragments

Fragments of flat-bottomed pot with straight sides, sloping shoulder and low neck. Rudimentary handles formed by a roll of clay on shoulder. Lines of glaze, wide and narrow, on wall; a band of vertical ... 29 June 1949

[Object]  P 20211: One-Handled Cup Fragment

Much of rim and part of wall missing. Spreading foot, hollow beneath; broad body tapering into foot; plain lip; single loop handle set at angle below lip. Buff clay. Glaze shading from red to black. ... 24 June 1949

[Object]  P 20212: Amphoriskos

One handle, part of body and base missing. Flat bottom; broad rounded body; narrow neck; flaring lip; two band handles attached to neck and shoulder. Decoration in brown glaze on reserved polished ground: ... 24 June 1949

[Object]  P 20285: Vessel Fragment

Broken all around; fragment from wall of closed pot. Decorated with pairs of wavy lines, both horizontally and vertically. Buff clay. Fine buff slip. Decoration in black to orange glaze, somewhat peeled ... July 1949