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[Deposit]  A 18:4: Pit grave

Mycenaean grave to west of House N, room 5. SAI ... Myc. III C:1


[Deposit]  A-B 18:1: Chamber tomb

Mycenaean tomb: Myc. III A:1-2. SAI ... 2nd half of 14th c.


[Deposit]  I 9:2: Burial in Metroon Drain Cut

Side-chamber at the bottom of a circular shaft. PD 427 ... Neolithic


[Deposit]  J 7:2: Chamber Tomb under the Temple of Ares

Mycenaean Chamber Tomb under north side of Temple of Ares (1951). See nb. p. 1465 to find grid=7m. east of NW corner of temple ... 1st: Myc IIB-IIA:1-2, 2nd: Myc. IIIC:1 (1450-1200 B.C.)


[Deposit]  J 8:1: Disturbed Chamber Tomb (?)

Mycenaean Grave C. Lisa's list mentions also Grave D ... Myc. IIIA 1:2


[Deposit]  J 8:2: Disturbed Chamber Tomb (?)

Mycenaean Grave F ... Myc. IIIA


[Deposit]  J 8:3: Double Pit Grave

Mycenaean Double Grave (Graves A and B) ... Myc. IIIA/B


[Deposit]  J 8:4: Disturbed Chamber Tomb

Disturbed Mycenaean chamber tomb ... Myc. IIIA (1st half of 14th c.)


[Deposit]  J 10:1: Unfinished Chamber Tomb

Plundered Chamber Tomb ... LH III A


[Deposit]  M 12:1: Cist Grave

Mycenaean Grave. PD 428 ... LH III (c. 1200)

[Deposit]  M 12:2: Mycenaean (?) grave

Grave of 38 year-old female. Cf. M 12:1. No finds. Bones in AA 35 ... 21 March 1935


[Deposit]  N 21-22:1: Tomb of the Ivory Pyxides

Mycenaean Chamber Tomb. No remains ... Myc. III A:1


[Deposit]  O 7:14: Mycenaean Gully and Deposit in front ...

Mycenaean Deposit (Gully) in front of NE Stoa (corrected from P 7:1)


[Deposit]  P 8:5: Well

Well at 19/ΚΔ ... ca. 580-560 B.C.

[Deposit]  Q 7:2: Dromos of Chamber Tomb

Dromos of a Mycenaean Tomb at N end of Stoa Terrace (Burial 3). No remains. No mention of burial #3 in notebook. see also footnote 1 in Agora XIII, p. 218, under Tomb XXII:"although there is no mention ... Myc. III A


[Deposit]  Q 10:4: Well

Well by Stoa Pier 8 ... 5th c. B.C.

[Deposit]  R 10:4: Disturbed Grave

Mycenaean Grave, disturbed, in scarp E of Stoa. No remains ... Myc. IIIA:2-B


[Object]  A 3521: Grave Marker

In three joining pieces. Rough trapezoid of river conglomerate, probably an older grave marker broken and reused in door packing. Stoa Terrace Chamber Tomb; removed from the door packing. Leica, 84-434 ... 13 August 1965

[Object]  B 252: Sword

Four joined fragments preserving part of the hilt and the stub of the blade. The edges of the hilt and of the shoulders of the blade are turned over to grip the material (probably wood) of the handle plates ... 11 May 1935


[Object]  B 704: Lamp

Several small holes in bowl as a result of corrosion; otherwise intact. An open bowl with a long flat handle which is horizontal as it leaves the body, but turns downward towards its end. The rim of the ... 2 June 1939


[Object]  B 705: Mirror

A plain disk of bronze, broken and much corroded. The edges are chipped. Χάλκινο κάτοπτρο. Αποτελείται από ένα δίσκο χαλκού αρκετά διαβρωμένο. Mycenaean Chamber Tomb, lying on floor of chamber ca. 0.40 ... 2 June 1939


[Object]  B 778: Sword

Broken in five pieces but complete. Heavy rib down center of blade. A raised rim around the edge of the handle to take the (wooden ?) hand-hold. One rivet for fastening on hand-hold in place, and traces ... 5, 14 May 1947


[Object]  B 779: Fragment with Gold Ornament

Small irregular chunk of bronze with gold-leaf disk attached to it. (Probably one of the rivets from the sword, B 778, with rivet-head covering in place; the rivet heavily corroded ?) Έντεκα κεφαλές χάλκινων ... 5 May 1947

[Object]  B 780: Bowl - Disintegrated

Badly bent and corroded but largely complete. Apparently an open bowl with rounded bottom and put-turned lip. One horizontal handle is preserved, attached below the lip. Apparently disintegrated while ... 9 May 1947

[Object]  B 781: Sword

Badly corroded; the blade preserved in several pieces, but nothing of the hilt except two small pieces which appear to be the projecting ears. To one of these a gold-leaf rivet head cover of the smaller ... 14 May 1947

[Object]  B 782: Cleaver

A broad curved tool, apparently more or less complete, including tongue for insertion into wooden handle. Χάλκινο ξυράφι. Finished Mycenaean Chamber Tomb. S.E. part of chamber (with other bronzes on table; ... 14 May 1947

[Object]  B 934: Needle Fragments

Broken off near tip. Pierced with eye. (Two fragments April 1998, July 2000) Mycenaean grave B. 1387 Leica ... 24 April 1951


[Object]  B 936: Spear Point

The tip only preserved, with a heavy rib. Mycenaean Chamber Tomb at north side of Temple of Ares. 1459, 1475 Leica, XLVI-89, LV-88, LVII-53 336 ... 8 May 1951

[Object]  B 937: Dagger Fragment

Mended from eight pieces, badly corroded. Tip, one cutting edge, one-third of hilt, and pommel missing. Leaf-shaped, short slender proportions to judge by the width preserved from edge to edge below hilt ... 11 May 1951

[Object]  B 938: Two Arrowheads

a) Preserves the lip, body, and left barb complete; b) Is lacking the tip and parts of both barbs. Both are narrow, eongated, and flat, with pronounced and tapering barbs; no median rib. a) is in good ... 9 May 1951

[Object]  B 965: Knife

Mended from several pieces. Some scraps disintegrated. Both ends missing; two revets for the attachment of the handle preserved. Cleaned and stuck after photographing. Surface corroded. Burial. 2614 Leica ... 11 June 1951


[Object]  B 966: Vase

Intact. An open flat-bottomed cup with shallow spout and wishbone handles. Slightly outwards lip. Walls flaring to plain rim flat on top. Heavily corroded and the surface rough. Tomb; inside door. Mycenaean ... LH III B (possibly C)

[Object]  B 968: Knife

Broken into a number of pieces an din poor condition. Mycenaean chamber tomb, main chamber, pile of bones at south. 4690 Leica ... 9 July 1951

[Object]  B 991: Dagger

Brken into a number pof pieces, but apparently complete. Very bad condition. Removed in plaster. Mycenaean Chamber Tomb. Leica ... 8 May 1952

[Object]  B 1062: Mirror

Thin plain disk. Complete except for chips arond edge. Very badly oxidyzed. Two rivet holes near one edge. Mycenean chamber tomb oppposite Stoa of Attalos, pier 15, modern drainage ditch, skeleton 1. 5231 ... 7 January 1954

[Object]  B 1063: Implement

Small narrow blade. Sides turned up along most of its length, forming a rectangular channel. April 1998: 3 fragments Mycenean chamber tomb oppposite Stoa of Attalos, pier 15, modern drainage ditch, earth ... 7 January 1954


[Object]  B 1287: Spear Head

Very poor condition but dimensions preserved. Plain circular socket without ring. Pronounced midrib round in section. Flanged blade seems to contract ca. 0.15 from socket, then expand in flame shape for ... 4-5 August 1965


[Object]  BI 409: Bone Artifact

Much chipped at one end, but full length preserved. Neatly cut off length from a large horn, pierced from side to side at center, and surface smoothed. Middle Helladic. Κυλινδρικό οστέινο αντικείμενο, ... 7 June 1937

[Object]  BI 410: Bone Artifact

From base of an antler antifact from cervus elaphus. Full length apparently preserved. Surface has been smoothed; one branch cut off close; another cut off neatly above its root, where there is a large ... 7 June 1937

[Object]  BI 411: Bone Artifact

Lower end of a horn, neatly cut off below. Three small holes pierced near lower edge. Surface smoothed. "It is an antler, probably cervus elaphus (red deer)" (Phelps, 1966). Middle Helladic. Well Q ... 7 June 1937

[Object]  BI 412: Bone Artifact - Handle

Full length apparently preserved. Short section of a horn, one end neatly cut off, the other roughly whittled. A vertical hole down the center may be artificial. "It is an antler, probably cervus elaphus ... 7 June 1937

[Object]  BI 413: Bone Artifact - Handle

Fragment only, broken at one end, and one side. Piece of a horn, the surface worked smooth, the inside hollowed out. "It is an antler, probably cervus elaphus (red deer)" (Phelps, 1966). Middle Helladic ... 7 June 1937


[Object]  BI 511: Carved Ivory Pyxis

Broken and split into many pieces, but largely complete; one side slightly higher than the other. A cylindrical box, tapering very slightly toward the top. The flat lid is held in place by a projecting ... 26 May 1939


[Object]  BI 513: Ivory Pyxis

One edge of the base, three fragments of the wall, and the second handle (?) missing. Two pieces apparently from the edge of the ba se do not join. Small cylindrical box, tapering very slightly toward ... 2 June 1939


[Object]  BI 514: Two Ivory or Bone Brooches or Hair Ornaments

The plain flat base of both brooches are preserved, that of a) the longer, rounded at one end and squared off at the other; that of b) rounded at both ends and with a shallow depression as if for a finger ... 2 June 1939

[Object]  BI 530: Set of Ivory Pins

The "set" consists of one complete pin, two good-sized fragments of others, and five scraps. The complete pin and the two large fragments are each mended from several pieces. Each consists of a plain tapering ... 2 June 1939

[Object]  BI 531: Ivory Plaque

An oblong plaque, dimensions full preserved, one corner missing. One side is rough, on the other traces of decoration in low relief. Along one long edge two holes rather less than a full circle, are cut ... 30 May 1939

[Object]  BI 532: Wedge-shaped Piece of Ivory

Two joining fragments appear to preserve most of a thin small sharply tapering piece, broken at the tip. The top and sides are finished smooth; the underside is rougher. Ivory stained black throughout ... 14 June 1939


[Object]  BI 665: Ivory Comb

Split and repaired; dimensions complete but teeth somewhat broken; a few fragments do not join. Rounded top, both faces lightly moulded, with a rounded band between light ridges. At the center top a neat ... 9 May 1951

[Object]  BI 666: Bone Pin Fragments

Six fragments of a large hairpin (?). a) part of curve at top preserved; broken smoothly on shank. Rounded ends circular in section, thickest at curve. b) curved section, split and worn. c) shank section ... 11 May 1951

[Object]  BI 668: Group of Sea Shells

Small cockle shell, small conch shell, and others, mostly fragmentary. "1 Cypraea shell, almost complete, no sign of being worked; shell associated with women. 2 Murex trunculus shells, large, very fragmentary ... 21 May 1951

[Object]  BI 669: Ivory Comb

Most of the teeth lost; fragments of four do not join. Straight above; flat broad top, both faces lightly moulded, with a rounded band between light ridges. Surface badly corroded and darkened. Late Helladic ... 21 May 1951

[Object]  BI 669 BIS: Bone or Ivory Pin Fragments

Two fragments of a plain pin. Late Helladic. Mycenaean Grave, at head. The fragments were found with the comb, and do not separated until after cleaning. 4288-4289 Leica ... 21 May 1951

[Object]  BI 712: Ivory Comb Fragment

One end preserved, and some fragments of the teeth. A plain comb with teeth on one side only. Two pairs of grooves on front and back. Late Helladic. Mycenaean Chamber Tomb to N.W. of Stoa pier 19 (ΣΑ ... 5 September 1953

[Object]  BI 713: Bone Pin

Apparently complete. Turned head. Shaft tapers to sharp point. Late Helladic III. Mycenaean Chamber Tomb opposite Stoa of Attalos pier 15. In modern drainage ditch; earth near skeleton 1. 5231 Leica PD ... 7 January 1954


[Object]  BI 722: Bone Implement

Chisel-shaped tool with four holes drilled through it. Late Helladic. Mycenaean grave to west of "Court Room" below Stoa terrace, at north end of grave. 3720 Leica, 83-529 ... 24 March 1954


[Object]  BI 723: Bone Handle

Hollow tapering piece drilled transversely through larger end. Late Helladic. Mycenaean grave to west of "Court Room" below Stoa terrace, at north end of grave. 3720 Leica, 83-529 ... 24 March 1954

[Object]  BI 742: Ivory Rosettes and Ornaments

Four rosettes and a leaf surrounding outside another rosette (?). Also four small fragments. Ivory inlays, probably from the table near which they were found. Neatly worked. Back plain. Mycenaean chamber ... 25 August 1947

[Object]  BI 792: Ivory Strip

From an inlay. Chamber Tomb; below Middle Stoa Terrace. Found in cleaning wood from left side of burial Δ. Leica ... 9 August 1965

[Object]  G 415: Necklace

Set of four spherical beads, graduated in size and pierced; now all chalky white in color, and very friable. a) (H 681) pierced with a large hole, emerged as dull pale green in color with three horizontal ... 9 May 1951

[Object]  G 436: Bead

Slightly broken. Surface pitted. Large hole through the center. White paste. Late Helladic III A-B. Mycenaean chamber tomb, main chamber, pocket in floor at west side. 4698 Leica ... 9 July 1951

[Object]  G 501: Beads

Three beads. Two tubular and one ring-shaped. Publication: Late Helladic. Mycenaean chamber tomb to N.W. of stoa pier 19. From circular pit in N.E. corner. 2726 Leica PD 2112-2 ... Publication: Late Helladic.

[Object]  IL 114: Lead Coils Fragments

13 small pieces, bent and twisted; round in section. Agora sample no. 232. In various parts of the disturbed Mycenaean grave, some where near the head. Leica ... 10-12 May 1933

[Object]  IL 724: Lead Sheathing

A large crumpled sheet of lead, apparently a cover of vessel (?). Agora sample no. 227. Well 15, about end of 5th meter. Leica ... 1 April 1939

[Object]  IL 1301: Lead Wire

Roughly rectangular in section. Now broken into four pieces and much bent. Five fragments bagged and boxed by A.P. in winter 1997. Agora sample no. 231. Mycenaean tomb to east of Stoa Shop 19. 2688 Leica ... 9 July 1953

[Object]  IL 1367: Coil of Wire Fragments

A considerable lenght of thick wire in a loose coil. Broken into many pieces, seven fragments (April 1998). With the coil is preserved a pebble and a chip of flint. Agora sample no. 230. Mycenaean Tomb ... 9 June 1954


[Object]  J 5: Gold Seal Ring

The man strides right; behind him are the two female figures in flounced skirts; the man holds a spear or branch; from his waist two lines extend to the first woman. Small symbols in the field to the left ... 10 May 1933

[Object]  J 6: Amethyst Bead

Globular. Flattened top and bottom slightly. Χάνδρα από αμέθυστο. Προέρχεται από διαταραγμένη ταφή Μυκηναϊκών χρόνων, νότια του ναού του ’ρεως. From sifting earth from Mycanaean grave. Cf. J 5, J 7, P ... 13 May 1933

[Object]  J 8: Amethyst Bead

Globular. Slightly flattened top and bottom. Darker and less translucent than J 6. Χάνδρα από αμέθυστο. Προέρχεται από διαταραγμένη ταφή Μυκηναϊκών χρόνων, νότια του ναού του ’ρεως. In sifting earth from ... 15 May 1933


[Object]  J 47: Gold Disk

A thin (like a paper) disk, more or less circular, decorated with a rosette and pierced at irregular intervals around the edge with seven small holes for attachment. Outer side slightly convex. Finished ... 30 May 1939

[Object]  J 64: Mass of Gold Ornaments

Ninenteen thin ornaments. This group consists of thirteen ivy-leaf pieces (a-m), one large (n) and one small rosette (o), and four plain disks (p-s), three of them are larger and one smaller. Of the ivy-leaf ... 2 June 1939


[Object]  J 65: Mass of Gold Ornaments

This group consists of thirty rosettes, five ivy-leaf pieces and one shell-shaped ornanment. Ivy-leaf ornaments: four of them are complete, though slightly bent; one is somewhat broken. Decoration in low ... 2 June 1939

[Object]  J 84: Gold Fragments

Two shell-shaped pieces. One is slightly broken, the other is a bent mass of thin gold. Lower edge straight, upper edge scalloped. Converging flutes running downward; small eight-petalled rosette in center ... 13 June 1939


[Object]  J 88: Copper Wire

Complete. A long piece of fine wire, now bent over double, and worn thin in places. The wire tapers towards the ends, which are turned up in long loops or hooks; at the middle of the piece is a small rectangular ... 9 June 1939

[Object]  J 99: Gold Ornament

A thin almost circular piece of gold leaf, the edges turned in underneath, as if it had once covered a button. Probably rivet from bronze sword (B 779). Πέντε χρυσές επενδύσεις κεφαλών ήλων σπάθης. Three ... 2 May 1947


[Object]  J 100: Gold Ornaments

Set of leaf rosettes, consists of thirty-five largely rosettes, one fragmentary, one crumpled and one half preserved. Simple eight-petalled rosette pattern in very low relief. Each one pierced irregularly ... 6 May 1947

[Object]  J 101: Gold Strip

Narrow strip of gold leaf, with edges turned down. One half is curved in a semicircle, the other is bent and crumpled. Gold banding for some wooden object, presumably round. Perhaps decoration of hilt ... 14 May 1947

[Object]  J 123: Necklace

Sixty-six beads. Two paste beads, depressed spherical in shape and laterally banded, similar to G 415 but smaller (H 692). Ten spherical paste beads with melon ribbing. Three plain spherical beads pinkish ... 9 May 1951

[Object]  J 124: Necklace

Necklace with gold pendent. Preserved are seven beads. One bead of quartz or light amethyst; one bead of light blue paste, two of green paste, and one with melon ribbing; also fragments of another of green ... 21 May 1951

[Object]  J 126: Gold Bead

A round bead. Pierced for stringing on a necklace. Mycanaean chamber tomb. Among bones at S.E. corner. Late Helladic III A-B. 4689 Leica, 6-158 ... 4 July 1951

[Object]  J 127: Gold Bead

Complete; slightly squashed. Elliptical seed-like head, pierced lengthwise. Lengthwise ridges. Mycenaean Grave C. 1388-1399 Leica PD 1200-24 ... 31 March 1952

[Object]  J 128: Lead Wire Fragment

Broken at both ends. Preserves simple curved rod, which originally thought to be a fragment from a silver pin. Mycenaean Grave C. 1388-1399 Leica ... 31 March 1952

[Object]  J 131: Stone and Paste Beads

The lot consists of one spherical purple bead (amethyst ?), four small reddish ones of different sizes (agate or carnelian ?), and six larger white paste beads, globular but flattened top and bottom, along ... 8 July 1953

[Object]  J 133: Necklace

Seven beads. Two small beads of blue glass paste, one of white glass paste, two small of black glass paste (?) and two of carnelian; also one of gold, together with fragments of other white glass paste ... 9 January 1954

[Object]  J 141: Carnelian Bead

Amygdaloid bead. Back bevelled, front broken through at longitudinal string hole. In center a sketchy representation of bird rising with outspread wings. Chamber tomb, below Middle Stoa terrace; in cleaning ... 28 August 1965

[Object]  MC 527: Whorl or Button

A small squat dome, convex below, vertically pierced. Coarse brownish clay, fired gray at surface. Middle Helladic. Λίθινο σφονδύλιο. Well Q, cleaning earth. Leica, 83-524 PD 1200-24 ... 3-7 June 1937

[Object]  MC 528: Whorl or Weight

A chip missing from one side. Roughly conical. Vertically pierced. Coarse reddish clay, gray at core. Well Q, cleaning earth. Leica, 83-524 PD 1200-24 ... 3-7 June 1937

[Object]  MC 545: Spindle Whorl

Piece from side, and chips around edges missing. A shallow dome, flat below. Pierced lengthwise. Gritty gray clay, the top surface smooth, gray to brown. Well 10. Neolithic. Leica, 83-505 PD 1200-24 ... 7-10 March 1939

[Object]  MC 869: Button Fragments

In five fragments; about one-seventh missing. Blunt conical, splayed base. Rough gritty red clay, dark brown exterior. Shows signs of burning. Mycenaean chamber tomb at north side of Temple of Ares. 1459 ... 9 May 1951

[Object]  MC 1078: Spindle Whorl or Loom Weight

Broken at bottom. Conical shape, bored longitudinally. Gritty gray brown clay, hard surface mottled in firing. Late Neolithic. Well 17. Leica, 83-505 ... 1961

[Object]  P 1977: Alabastron Fragment

Squat type with small neck and bulging sides, the greatest width near the bottom. Mended from many pieces; one small horizontal handle preserved and wall from the start of the neck to beyond the inward ... 9 May 1933

[Object]  P 1978: Vessel Fragment

Mended from two pieces; the lower attachment of a vertical handle is preserved. Where the neck joins the shoulder a small ridge, and a band of black paint; imbricated pattern below. Black paint on the ... 9 May 1933

[Object]  P 1982: Alabastron Fragment

Similar to P 1977. Attachment of one horizontal handle preserved. On either side of it, dots. Above and below, narrow bands; around the point of greatest circumference, a broader band with a wavy upper ... 15 May 1933

[Object]  P 1983: Vessel Fragment

Nearly half of a very low ring base preserved; above it the sides flare sharply. Mended from several fragments. At the bottom, a broad and a narrow painted band; above, a group of three narrow bands; at ... 15 May 1933

[Object]  P 1984: Vessel Fragment

Mended from many pieces; a small part of the neck preserved with about one-quarter of the swelling body; none of the base. Three bands of paint around the bottom, three at the point of greatest circumference ... 15 May 1933

[Object]  P 2431: Pithos Fragment with Paint Decoration

A handle and small bit of the side are preserved. The handle is the shape of approximately half an oval and is horizontal with a hole pierced vertically through it. The wall is heavy. Transverse bars painted ... 1932

[Object]  P 3877: Askos

Parts of handle and side walls missing. Squat body, low foot, small ribbon handle at base of spout. The top of the body has sagged out of shape before firing. Coarse buff clay, unevenly fired, with many ... March 1934


[Object]  P 4646: Three-Handled Jar

About one-half of vase preserved. Broken, especially at foot, in many fragments. Profile complete and two handles preserved. Restored in plaster. From the high shoulder, the body tapers with a concave ... 14 February 1935

[Object]  P 4647: Vessel Fragment

Fragment from wall of a large vase of fairly thin fabric. Mended from many pieces. A small fragment from the neck does not join. Vase seems to have had wide flat shoulder, and tapered more gradually toward ... 14 February 1935