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[Object]  T 1137: Seated Draped Figurine Fragment

Front of lower part, preserved from lap to base. The figure is completely draped. The feet rest on a high moulded base. Crudelly modelled. Much red and yellow paint. Light red clay. Late Roman. Found ... 16 April 1936

[Object]  T 1138: Dog Figurine Fragment

Most of the entire right side preserved, except foot and muzzle. Large eyes and rudimentary ear. Oval grooves indicate coat. White slip and yellow and black paint. Light red clay, smooth and thick. Late ... 16 April 1936

[Object]  T 1139: Head Fragment of Infant Figurine

Front of head only preserved. An egg-shaped characterless face. No hair. Little modelling. Traces of white sizing. Red clay. Found with coins for the day, nos. 68-83. Leica ... 16 April 1936

[Object]  T 1140: Dog Figurine Fragment

Left side of head only preserved. Large muzzle; small ears. Details gouged. White slip, yellow paint. Red clay. ADDENDA: Same mold as T 22. Cf. T 2185. Found with coins for the day, nos. 89-126. Leica ... 17 April 1936

[Object]  T 1141: Cock Figurine Fragment

Tail of cock figurine. Preserved all around and on top; broken below. The feathers indicated by broad stripes in red and yellow paint. White underpaint. Light red clay. Found with coins for the day, nos ... 20 April 1936

[Object]  T 1142: Seated Draped Female Figurine Fragment

Lower right part of figure preserved, front only, with part of the finished bottom. Figure with the right hand resting on the edge of the throne. Base below drapery. White underpaint with red, yellow and ... 20 April 1936

[Object]  T 1143: Torso of Aphrodite Anadyomene Figurine

The front of the body, from neck to below navel preserved; hips and shoulders broken off. White paint, with some yellow overpaint. The white appears also on the inside. Red clay. Found with coins for the ... 20 April 1936

[Object]  T 1144: Female Figurine Fragment

Complete head and upper part of back preserved. A figure with a dull characterless face and an elaborate coiffure. Hair in front combed straight back, with waves at the sides over the ears. Above this ... 24 April 1936

[Object]  T 1145: Head Fragment of Boy Figurine

First interpretation: female head. Front only preserved; broken at neck. Head beneath peaked cap. White paint with red decorations. Red clay. ca. 2.10m. below surface Ca. 2.10m. below surface. Leica ... 24 April 1936

[Object]  T 1146: Lantern Fragment

First interpretation: uncertain object. Full width preserved, with part of top (or bottom), of one face, and of both sides. In the face a large rectangular cutting, and two small round holes. Horizontal ... 17 April 1936