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[Object]  T 1124: Head Fragment of Infant Figurine

Broken at neck; back not preserved. A characterless head, without hair or modelling. White sizing; some red paint. Buff clay. ca. 3.80m. below surface Ca. 3.80m. below surface. Leica ... 17 April 1936

[Object]  T 1125: Head of Child Figurine

Head, left arm, right hand and part of chest preserved; broken at back and below. Head with heavy curls under a draped cap; both arms bent up on chest with hands under chin. Eyes drilled. Traces of white ... 18 April 1936

[Object]  T 1127: Head Fragment of Child Figurine

First interpretation: Woman 's head. Broken behind and below neck. The hair painted blue-gray, the face red; eyes white. Sandy fill on top of late Roman wall. Leica ... 18 April 1936

[Object]  T 1128: Head of Pan Figurine

A male head with full beard and moustache, and pointed (?) ears. Broken below. Back and top of head, part of left side, missing; the finished edge preserved at the right. Eyes pierced through. No trace ... 20 April 1936


[Object]  T 1129: Leg of Figurine

A complete leg from knee down, wearing a boot. The top is pierced, just above the knee, for attaching to the figure. Reddish brown slip. No paint. Red clay. ADDENDA: A leg of a dancing barbarian figurine ... 20 April 1936

[Object]  T 1130: Female Head

Broken off at neck; chipped at temple. Woman 's head with high headdress decorated with incised lines. Traces of light slip or sizing. Red clay. Cistern. Leica ... 22 April 1936

[Object]  T 1131: Female Head Fragment

Part of woman 's head with long flowing hair. The edge of the mold preserved at the back on one side. Traces of red paint on the face. Well. Water level to well deposit. Leica ... 24 April 1936

[Object]  T 1133: Head Fragment of Slave Boy Figurine

First interpretation: female head. Right half of head preserved, with back and part of face. Head with curls under smooth cap with ridge on top, coming forward to peak, and pierced. Eye shown closed (?) ... 20 April 1936

[Object]  T 1135: Head Fragment of Female Figurine

Upper part of head and hair only preserved. Head with slightly waved hair under a heavy cap or headdress. Much paint: yellow, red and black. Light red clay; white slip. Found with coins for the day, nos ... 16 April 1936


[Object]  T 1136: Matrona with Dog Figurine Fragment

Broken all around; preserved close to the edge of the mold at the back. Drapery indicated partly by grooves, but more by paint. Black, red and yellow paint. Light red clay, white slip. Found with coins ... 16 April 1936