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[Object]  L 2299: Plastic Lamp: Eros

Most of the right wing missing; the end of the nozzle and much of the front of the body broken away. A seated figure, nude except for boxing gloves that reach above his elbows, rests his right elbow on ... 24 April 1936

[Object]  L 2301: Plastic Lamp

Broken off below, and most of the right side and the back missing. Preserved is a standing figure. A small curly-haired girl wearing a long cloak with a hood hanging down the back. Eyes pierced. The lamp ... 25 April 1936

[Object]  L 2346: Plastic Lamp Fragment

Broken around edges of the figure and below. A seated dog, wearing a collar. Traces of the handle behind; filling hole beneath the body. Bored eyes. Red wash outside, and some inside. Cistern. Leica, LXIX-25 ... 4 May 1936

[Object]  L 2396: Lamp with Attached Figurine

Nude standing youth, complete except for head, left arm, and left leg below knee. Projection at inside of right heel broken away. The figure, elaborately modelled, stands on his right foot, with right ... 14 May 1936

[Object]  L 2409: Plastic Lamp Fragment

The lower body missing. The upper part of a moulded child's face with cheeks puffed out and lips pursed as if whistling; the mouth the wick hole. A grooved pierced handle at center of forehead, filling ... 19 May 1936

[Object]  L 2478: Head of Plastic Lamp

Broken away below and at top. A head with negroid features wearing a pointed hood. Trace of opening at left, above. Purplish glaze wash inside and out. Pinkish-buff clay. Late Roman fill. Leica, LXIX-18 ... 26 May 1936

[Object]  L 2503: Plastic Lamp

Complete except for the nozzle, which projected from the front of the figure, and which appears to have served also as infundibulum, since the base of the figure is open below. The figure, Teleshoros, ... 5 June 1936

[Object]  L 2599: Plastic Lamp: Lion

Lower part, including body of lamp, broken away. A lion lying down. Eyes pierced. Pierced suspension handle at top of head; filling hole at side, below lion's right leg. Red glaze inside and out. Buff ... 12 June 1936

[Object]  L 2600: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Mended from many pieces; small bits missing. Plain rim with scrolled panels, on the discus, Eros, right, looking back left, and playing Pan's pipes. Semi-pierced handle, triple grooved above, double below ... 12 June 1936

[Object]  L 2615: Plastic Lamp Fragment

Broken on all sides. Most of front of head, and part of chest, of a nude bearded man, head bent forward onto chest. Eyes pierced. Red glaze outside. Pink clay. Late Roman. Provenience unknown; no context ... 1936