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[Object]  L 1628: Plastic Lamp Fragment

Broken away below. The left cheek damaged. Minor fractures. Eros, with wings outstretched, rests his head upon his right knee, which is drawn up. Deep round holes for the eyes. Crude incisions for details ... 8 February 1935

[Object]  L 1655: Lamp Fragment

Fragment of the discus of a large lamp (?). A bear attacks a man. The foreparts of the bear and one leg and an arm of the man, with short sword, are preserved. Red glaze, on the top, a little along one ... 16 February 1935

[Object]  L 1702: Plastic Lamp Fragment

The upper part of a plastic lamp in the form of an animal. Perhaps a bear (?). Pierced eyes. Broken away below. Above a pierced vertical handle similar to those of lamps of type XXVIII of Corinth collection ... 23 March 1935

[Object]  L 1828: Plastic Lamp Fragment: Eros

The head and one wing of an Eros figure preserved. The eyes are gouged; the hair comes down in long curls at the sides of the face. Buff colored clay covered with purple-brown paint, except for the wings ... 21 May 1935


[Object]  L 1881: Pediform Lamp

A small chip from the heel missing. Sandal straps ornamented with small, impressed circles; the toes indicated by shallow incisions. The sole is hobnailed. Two small handles on the top for suspension ... 5 June 1935

[Object]  L 2011: Plastic Lamp Fragment

The left wing, arm, and part of the hair of a figure of Eros which serves as a handle for a lamp. Remains of dark red glaze. Light red clay. ADDENDA Cf. a larger example, L 1223. Great Drain, gravel fill ... 22 February 1936

[Object]  L 2121: Plastic Lamp Fragment

Nozzle and part of top preserved. On top sits a figure whose legs, lower body and left arm remain. Incised star on body below nozzle. Dull purple-red glaze. Soft grayish-buff clay. Late Roman fill. Leica, ... 14 March 1936

[Object]  L 2126: Plastic Lamp

The feet, the spout, and part of the back broken away. Reservoir in shape of a cloaked boy, the spout protruding from the lower edge of the cloak; filling hole at level of shoulders behind. Transverse ... 20 March 1936

[Object]  L 2174: Plastic Lamp Fragment

Feet and base of a figurine, and the nozzle of a lamp, projecting beneath, preserved. Red glaze. Pinkish-buff clay. Late Roman fill over Kappa building. Leica, LXIX-17 ... 27 March 1936

[Object]  L 2266: Head of Plastic Lamp: Athena

The ornamental top part only preserved, with the head of Athena in triple crested helmet; broken off at the neck. The center crest pierced as a handle. Traces of red on face and neck. Red clay. Cf. T ... 15 April 1936