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[Object]  T 3632: Female Mask Fragment

Fragment preserves left side of face from middle of eye down, and including most of nose, mouth and chin; also part of hair. Mask with hole pierced on left side through hair and in nostrils and eye. Black ... 27 June 1959

[Object]  T 3633: Bust Fragments: Inscribed

Fragment a), several joining fragments. Moulded base of male bust, inscribed in front: ΓΕΡΟΝΤΙΣ Fragment b), non-joining fragment from upper left side. Traces or red, black and yellow. Red clay. Well G, ... 26 June 1959


[Object]  T 3634: Male Torso

Two joining fragments preserve most of torso, part of one arm and beginning of the other. Also lower part of neck. Large fragment missing from front left. Buff, well-baked clay. Well G, Box LXI. 1213 Leica ... 29 June 1959

[Object]  T 3635: Actor Figurine Fragments

Fragment a), single fragment preserves head and arms of figurine. Upper part of back only preserved. Actor sits supporting head with left hand, his right arm crossed on chest. High hair and lifted right ... 29 June 1959


[Object]  T 3637: Plaque: Hekate

Five joining fragments preserve about 3/4 of the plaque. Left part missing; face damaged. Circular plaque with moulded rim and two holes at 0.006m. from each other, near rim above. Hekate in center, almost ... 30 June 1959