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H 18:1.3: Lower fill

Late 5th c. B.C.


H 19:1: Rockcut Pit

Stratified fill in Rockcut Pit, which apparently served as a rubbish dump. Coins: 17 May 1939 #2-#3 22 May 1939 #4 Subdivisions: .1=Upper fill .2=Middle fill .3=Lower fill ... Ca. 410-250 B.C.

H 19:1.1: Upper fill

Chronology mixed to late Roman ... Roman


H 19:1.2: Middle fill

Ca. 350-250 B.C.


H 19:1.3: Lower fill

Ca. 410-390 B.C.


H-I 7-8:1: "Burnt Layer"

Accumulated debris on the west side of the market square. Related layers added 1999/2000 (JWH), e.g. "Gravelly layer above burning", "Clearing Classical floor", "Lowest level above bedrock", "Below burning", ... First half of 5th c. A.D.

H-I 7:1: Late Roman Lamp Deposit

Lamps all found together at the southeast corner of the excavated area, in a deposit running in part under the dike of earth which has been left against the wall of the street. Includes 10 lamps in Section ... 17 June 1931 15 May 1933


H-I 10:1: Stoa Pit G

Exploratory excavation trench between east front of Hellenistic Metroon and Great Drain. Cf. Hesperia Suppl. 4 (1941), p. 106. Cf. also Metroon Drain Cut I 9:1 and F-G 12:1 and H 12:9 ... 8th-6th c. B.C.


H-I 12:1: Burnt Layers

Burnt Layer inside retaining wall of Middle Stoa Terrace (Θ) and NW Corner of Middle Stoa, burnt debris inside terrace retaining wall (Ζ). Coins Ζ: Coins Θ: 1 June 1951 ... Mid-3rd c. A.D.

H-I 14:1: Kleiner Coin Deposit III

Hellenistic fill South of Middle Stoa near NW corner of Heliaea. This fill contained material later in date than that which made up the middle Stoa Building Fill. Only the coins (and a few amphora handles ... 3 April 1954 4 June 1954