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H 17:2: Pit tomb, child inhumation

Child's Grave (E.L. Smithson: Grave XXVIII: G). Cf. Container Lot ΣΤ 165 (fill over geometric grave). JP says Grave XXVII? PD 379 ... Early Geometric I


H 17:3: Pit I

Pit I at 45/ΙΘ (= Well) (noted also 4th c. pocket in side of this pit). This is part of the Terracotta Deposit (H 17:4) and the objects listed here are also listed in H 17:4. Containers/lots for this ... Geometric-Protoattic


H 17:4: Terracotta Deposit

An area about 10m2. on the lower northwest slopes of the Areopagus, southeast of the archaic fountain house. A dumped fill to the end of the 3rd quarter of the 7th c. B.C., containing many votives, overlying ... 7th c. - 625 B.C.

H 17:5: Filling

Area in front of E-W retaining wall, just above cobble pavement, disturbed by coins and pottery as late as the 3rd c. B.C. Coins: 25 May 1932 #6-#7 26 May 1932 #1-#3 SS 367 listed on deposit list but ... 375-275 B.C.


H 17:6: Pocket in bedrock

Pocket in bedrock, 50/Λ (= Trench, 50-54/Λ). Coins: 22 April 1932 #1 ... 330-300 B.C.