The Athenian Agora:
Excavations in the Heart of Classical Athens

Author: Camp, J.
Publication Date: 1992
ISBN: 0500276838

The Agora was the great public square in ancient Athens. Drawing on the wealth of excavated evidence, and supplemented by literary and inscriptional references, this book tells the story of the Agora from Neolithic to medieval times.

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Birth of Democracy

The Birth of Democracy

Authors: Buitron-Oliver, D., Camp, J.
Publication Date: 1993
ISBN: 0876619502

This is the catalogue of an exhibition held at the National Archives in Washington D.C. to celebrate the 2,500th anniversary of the beginnings of democracy in Athens, interpreted as the implementation of Cleisthenes' governmental reforms. This informative catalogue includes color illustrations of the objects displayed: sculptures, architectural models, and small objects from Athens and from museums in America and Europe. The objects are set in context with nine short essays.

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Excavations in the Athenian Agora are conducted by the American School of Classical Studies.
Primary funding is provided by the Packard Humanities Institute (PHI).